Thursday, July 23, 2015

District Park

A park district is a form of local special-purpose district for providing public parks and recreation in or near its geographic boundaries. This is lacking in Second City, Kapolei. The Present Rail Party as per  usual hold it up. The money is need for the Rail Disaster. A District Park with a nice dance floor is urgently needed in Second City but the people are of not to be considered. It's the money, Sonny.

"You don't learn to walk by going by the rules. You learn by doing
and falling down now and then."

Park districts are prevalent in the United States. State statutes often have a general law to provide for park districts' creation, dissolution, geographic borders, and annexation; the selection of governing boards, often referred to as park boards; and the criteria for levying property taxes on behalf of the district. Unfortunately here, the raise in property taxes is going to the Fat Cats in Honolulu for the Rail Catastrophe. And the price of a four day pass is going to $50. Hey, Hey, this is called "Easy Money."

     "Ain't No Big Thing!" by Don Ho

Park districts sometimes obtain additional revenue by charging admission fees for some venues and through donations or voluntary memberships in a similar way to not-for-profit organizations; in addition, sometimes a park district is assisted by a private not-for-profit organization set up specifically for the purpose of assisting the local public park system.

"Don't Cha" by the Pussy Cat Dolls

Pub's Note: But I do ask, wherever I go. The answer, "There is none around here, everybody goes down town," and many say it in no uncertain terms. Of course, I think there is a lot more dancing coming to the West. So a new club is on its way in the very near future. How about between Kalealoa Harbor and Kalealoa Airport, on the beach. Wow!