Monday, July 27, 2015

Blue Monday

This blog is beginning to roll. Plenty dancers read it from Kalealoa to the North Shore. So I expect any new action in dancing to come in this sector. Cholos on the North Shore is doing just fine with Salsa,. Could there be another dance place on the North Store? Anything just to get away from the mess that has been created in town and which is due to get worse.

“There are small truths and big truths, just as there are small lies and big lies,
and along those truths and lies run the questions that were never asked
and those that were never answered.”

This world was never about Truth or Lies. There are only hard facts. Despite that, some who exist in this world mistakenly believes that only Facts Favorable To Them are truths. They know no other way to live. Do you know all the Facts?” For us the dancers, we just want to dance in a better environment.

Of course, yesterday Sunday was one of the worse on the Waianae Coast. Four solid hours of bumper to bumper traffic. But Farrington cannot be fixed. The Rail Catastrophe has taken all the money and our reps are powerless against the Present Rail Party. And they are making millions and millions of dollars, hand over fist. The Fat Cats in Honolulu call this Easy Money.

"Mokihana Lullaby" by Loyal Garner

And yes, it is true that there are more people leaving West Oahu for Maui. Just to get away from the Rail Disaster. I tried to get housing on Maui and the lists are three years long.