Monday, July 13, 2015


Apparently the right side of the Horseshoe is leading the way for West Oahu. The Norh Shore has Cholos with Salsa Dancing. A Giant step ahead. Wahiawa has Dot's in Wahiawa doing just fine and seem to need no help from us. Same thing  for Just Tacos and Salsa in Mililani. Anyway there is dancing in this part and it is going to get even better yet.

"If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones,
then you never will change the outcome."

We can dream, can't we?

Meanwhile, Kapolei is merely thinking about it but it will soon come about. Many people would like to avoid that downtown business specially now with the Rail Crisis coming up. The Freeways are going to be a bigger mess. Car sales are going up, just to avoid those cattle car feeder buses. And most people are now convinced that "Rapid Transit" is not.

Meanwhile, the Waianae Coast is waking up and thinking about Third City. Anything is better than the horrible Rail Disaster. And yes, we know, it's the dollars, Scholars. Millions and millions of dollars in profits already being made. How much does the HART board cost? Easy Money. As those Mainlanders like to say, "These local yokels don't know any better."

Photos from Jacob Gravitts new letterman's jacket. His proud momma Tracey emailed to me, and she just happens to be my granddaughter. Hi ya, Jacob.