Sunday, August 30, 2015

Transparent Photos

Funny words but they can be explained very easily. Any photo received that can be opened can be printed. But it will print the entire photo. The entire square. But how about a photo of a nice couple in a nice dance pose? I want to be able to put that in a poster and only the dancers, none of the original background.

"Many of the changes we think we see in life are due to truths being in and out of favor".

It took a while to find the professional photos in GIF or PNG format so that the background is Transparent, I have about 50, all professional dancers. When the photo is placed in a poster, only the dancing figures show. The background is transparent. Now I found out how to make any photo "transparent."

The first two local couples that I was able to make "transparent" were Theo and Diana and Calvin and Debra. If I can get more, I will gradually delete the professional dancers that I have now and replace them with all with our local dancers.So if anyone has a nice photo preferably in costume in a nice pose and willing to share. I can make it "transparent" for use in our posters and I can also give them a copy so that they can use it wherever they wish.

Specially now that the territory is much bigger. From Makaha down the coast to Kapolei and all the way to the Stadium. Also all the way up to include the North Shore. Effectively West Oahu.

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different than being rash."

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Line Dancing

by Robert Lui, Mililani

Of course Line Dancing has evolved into the best way to start to learn to dance because it is fun from the start and you don't have to lead or follow anyone. At least not in the same sense as partner dancing. Just get your timing and rhythm going first, coupled with a few steps. Now that men know they don't have to wear cowboy boots and a Western hat, they are slowly getting into it for the same reason. It is fun and very enjoyable to move to music on your own in a reasonably accepted manner and in a reasonably short time.

“What you perceive - your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth.
Your truth is important and yet it may not be The Truth.”

You also assimilate the separate rhythms of every dance in our current dance world. You can feel it when you are almost there. Then you can really develop your own style from there and all the time you will have been enjoying movement to music and having a ball, along with the rest of your fellow dancers.

The next stop is dancing in a Night Club environment coupled with elementary ballroom classes that are so available throughout this island. Find the dance clubs where you can get some variety of ballroom dancing. Forget about the fancy stuff. Some say it is the best place to get your polish, plus going to their dances and "practice."

In line dancing, on the ultra beginners side, you are just walking to music, zombie like. But you gotta start somewhere. On the other extreme are those that are shaking their heads, shoulders, hips, legs, feet and toes. Somewhere in between are the real "Cultural" dancers. The ones who are thoroughly enjoying the music and moving to it, "in the correct way," which according the social dancer is the most natural way and no one is ever stuck with their partner at the second rib.

This is a growing crowd, "Da Reel Teeng." However some of you will eventually want to get in the "to be seen" categories. In the Exhibition and Competition dance you can get and you can give more to the dance world. I wish every success for all of you and there are an awful lot of good people out there. They do know that they are different and we should not disagree with them.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Party Section

It seems to be very slowly revealing itself, that the party section is going to be Honokai Hale, through Kaleeloa Harbor and then to Kalealoa Airport. Gotta get far away from the Rail Disaster. There may even be some in the proposed Business Parks. Can anyone imagine getting home in 20 minutes?

"We must never assume that the obvious is true.”

"Beautiful Kauai" by Bruddah Iz

There are rumors all over about a new social dance club in the area. And it may be mostly Haole which should be just fine for all of us. They talk about American Style of Dance so most of us can understand that. It is being danced in the too few Night Clubs here now. But the entire space is wide open for the takers.

And American Style Rumba is turning out just fine with the alternative basic. Don't have to worry about Fred Astaire or Arthur Murray. And it is almost the same basic as the International, so you cannot lose. All the rest of the steps fall in line very well.

They are teaching good English at UH-West Oahu. Sign on a drinking fountain.
"Do not use, da buggah broke."

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Very Nicely

Yes we got rhythm. The seasons are 4 per year but in Hawaii they all phase into each other without much notice. Colder winter makes us want to sleep a little more, hotter summer lets us stay awake  a little more hours. Winter makes some people depressed, lacking the yellow Summer rays of the sun. Spring gives us a feeling of renewal along with nature, Fall lets us turn in and rest more. Our whole being is in a regular rhythm.

And Platinum Horseshoe blog is doing very well with the addition of Waianae news, now that Sea Country blog is no more. Moanalua Corridor is now being destroyed by the Gravy Train and the blog will be deleted. The section West of the Stadium will be absorbed by Platinum Horseshoe. So I had over diluted the readership but what do I know? And I have not met any experts on dance blogging yet.

So far, the most dancers seem to be nearer the coast, Honokai Hale through Kalealoa Harbor and all the way to Kalealoa Airport. An area that sure needs some business parks and "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." We can still have second city. Live, Work and Play in our own kuleana.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

Friday, August 14, 2015

From Aunty Maile


Just in case you are interested and looking for a place to dance, here it is!

Don't pay attention to the deadline registration date,

I got word that there are still seats available.

The first copy is the flyer and the second copy is the sign up sheet for a table of ten.

I have 1 or 2 openings on my table of ten at this time. You are welcome to start your own.

See ya soon!

Maile Yagi

Sign up flyer:

"What A Wonderful World" by Bruddah Iz

Pub's Note: I would go but I am on a walker and have my own seat. My teeth are not in working order so I cannot eat in public.My hands fumble, but I could make a nice blog out of it just by passing the camera around.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Emmie Visitacion

Contact Maurice Morita at 225-0326 for any questions or information.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz.

I assume many people knew that Emmie was fighting a battle with cancer. Emmie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in September, 2014. Her cancer spread to her liver, into the blood stream, which began in her rectum. Her mind was very strong  and eventually her body became very weak from 19  Cemotherapys. she had a hard time eating.

Eventually the pain from the chemo was too much for her, She wanted to go to hospice in Nuuanu on Pali Hwy & Puiawa St. She was admitted on Friday morning, August 6th to hospice  and she fought her cancer very hard but on Tuesday, August 11th, the pain was too great for her and she passed away at 4:30 p.m. with most of her family present. I had the privileged to be included in the family as I visited her every day or night

Her funeral services and burial dates will be in late September at the Mililani mortuary near Costco. Thank you for all your prayers for Emmie. She has a large family, many friends, and we will miss her very much,

Pub's Side Note: We have all lost a very dear friend. She loved music and dance. May she rest in peace.

Monday, August 10, 2015


By Everett Yeung, Honokai Hale

There are many body rhythms determined by the needs of the body and by outer influences and no matter how little you think you have, "You Got Rhythm."

 "Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or
the message and the messenger will be rejected”

There are influences by the moon, - sets moods, invigorates them when it is full. Statistically there are more accidents at full moon than otherwise. The moon also stimulates hormones in the body, e.g. fertility. Hair cut at full moon grows more slowly than when cut at new moon.You didn't know that?

The sun has a daily cycle, it resets our wake and sleep patterns every day. Electric light disturbs the cycle, prolonging the natural night. The sun also causes color rays on earth, which each do certain things. Rainbows? Certain medications are better tolerated in the morning than at night; alcohol is better tolerated in the evening than in the morning. Most of us have a very good idea of how the body reacts to the sun. We are or should be refreshed in the morning, tired in the evening,

A very long time ago, right about the time that agriculture began, humans began to delight in banging on something with something to a regular steady beat. This is now known as the even rhythm, a combination of steady, consistent beats that are identical in the meter and get the same time value. This is quite acceptable in dancing such as the popular Merengue and Waltz and it can be used in music wiith any beats per measure. But of course, first you gotta enjoy moving to the music.

"The Last Waltz With You" by Englebert Humperdinck

If you can learn to dance to any music by just using the even steps in time to the even rhythm, you can certainly learn to dance. With the addition of learning the rock step and the chasse and a Dance Club or a Dance Studio, you could become an excellent dancer.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

From Maurice Morita

This is the second one I received so I will take a chance and publish it. I have to be careful with those who may be "permission" people, and keep a respectful distance. The Capitals are Maurice.







8:00 P.M. TO 8:15 P.M. BREAK

8:15 - 9:00 P.M. EAST COAST SWING


And now with the successful advent of Dream To Dance Studio in Palama, the dancing is moving west very nicely. The action seems to be in the Salt Lake area. but they must find a place well out ot the Rail Cirsis territory. These things may revive the Moanalua Corridor blog which has been almost destroyed by the Rail Disaster.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Local News

From Aunty Maile:

We have also heard of a dance group in Whitmore Village, just north of Wahiawa. The want to be private, we shall respect, otherwise we are at their service. Send us something to publish in this blog. Then there is Waikele -Waipio, we cannot find enough information on them. There is more talk about dancing in Kalealoa, between Kalealoa Harbor and Kalealoa Airport, both which are expanding very nicely. Kapolei could be second city pretty soon in spite of the Present Rail Party.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

The only thing really holding Second City is our old fashion building designers. All single story, they are living in the last century, this is the 21st. And we are not going to "keep the country, country" just for the Fat Cats in Honolulu.