Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Line Dancing

by Robert Lui, Mililani

Of course Line Dancing has evolved into the best way to start to learn to dance because it is fun from the start and you don't have to lead or follow anyone. At least not in the same sense as partner dancing. Just get your timing and rhythm going first, coupled with a few steps. Now that men know they don't have to wear cowboy boots and a Western hat, they are slowly getting into it for the same reason. It is fun and very enjoyable to move to music on your own in a reasonably accepted manner and in a reasonably short time.

“What you perceive - your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth.
Your truth is important and yet it may not be The Truth.”

You also assimilate the separate rhythms of every dance in our current dance world. You can feel it when you are almost there. Then you can really develop your own style from there and all the time you will have been enjoying movement to music and having a ball, along with the rest of your fellow dancers.

The next stop is dancing in a Night Club environment coupled with elementary ballroom classes that are so available throughout this island. Find the dance clubs where you can get some variety of ballroom dancing. Forget about the fancy stuff. Some say it is the best place to get your polish, plus going to their dances and "practice."

In line dancing, on the ultra beginners side, you are just walking to music, zombie like. But you gotta start somewhere. On the other extreme are those that are shaking their heads, shoulders, hips, legs, feet and toes. Somewhere in between are the real "Cultural" dancers. The ones who are thoroughly enjoying the music and moving to it, "in the correct way," which according the social dancer is the most natural way and no one is ever stuck with their partner at the second rib.

This is a growing crowd, "Da Reel Teeng." However some of you will eventually want to get in the "to be seen" categories. In the Exhibition and Competition dance you can get and you can give more to the dance world. I wish every success for all of you and there are an awful lot of good people out there. They do know that they are different and we should not disagree with them.