Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Party Section

It seems to be very slowly revealing itself, that the party section is going to be Honokai Hale, through Kaleeloa Harbor and then to Kalealoa Airport. Gotta get far away from the Rail Disaster. There may even be some in the proposed Business Parks. Can anyone imagine getting home in 20 minutes?

"We must never assume that the obvious is true.”

"Beautiful Kauai" by Bruddah Iz

There are rumors all over about a new social dance club in the area. And it may be mostly Haole which should be just fine for all of us. They talk about American Style of Dance so most of us can understand that. It is being danced in the too few Night Clubs here now. But the entire space is wide open for the takers.

And American Style Rumba is turning out just fine with the alternative basic. Don't have to worry about Fred Astaire or Arthur Murray. And it is almost the same basic as the International, so you cannot lose. All the rest of the steps fall in line very well.

They are teaching good English at UH-West Oahu. Sign on a drinking fountain.
"Do not use, da buggah broke."