Sunday, August 30, 2015

Transparent Photos

Funny words but they can be explained very easily. Any photo received that can be opened can be printed. But it will print the entire photo. The entire square. But how about a photo of a nice couple in a nice dance pose? I want to be able to put that in a poster and only the dancers, none of the original background.

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It took a while to find the professional photos in GIF or PNG format so that the background is Transparent, I have about 50, all professional dancers. When the photo is placed in a poster, only the dancing figures show. The background is transparent. Now I found out how to make any photo "transparent."

The first two local couples that I was able to make "transparent" were Theo and Diana and Calvin and Debra. If I can get more, I will gradually delete the professional dancers that I have now and replace them with all with our local dancers.So if anyone has a nice photo preferably in costume in a nice pose and willing to share. I can make it "transparent" for use in our posters and I can also give them a copy so that they can use it wherever they wish.

Specially now that the territory is much bigger. From Makaha down the coast to Kapolei and all the way to the Stadium. Also all the way up to include the North Shore. Effectively West Oahu.

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