Sunday, September 27, 2015

It Is Coming Around

We are slowly building a nice blog here. The only thing we have lacking is the Contributing Editors and the Guest Authors, then the sky is the limit. This can be the blog for all dancers on this Island. Specially for the fact that Kapolei will be second city in spite of the Present Rail Party. The residents will live, work and play in their own kuleana. Other people can have their fourteen hour workdays in town.

 “Failure may be instructive. The dancers may really learn quite
as much from their failures as from their successes"

The two main points in the entertainment part is the dance clubs and the night clubs. There is one more dance club in the planning states and there are at least two Night Clubs on tap. And with a big enough bar, you can build a dance floor and voila! You have a night club. The social dance club will be where are a lot of potential dancers and right now it is the territory between Kalealoa Harbor and Kalealoa Airport.

In the poster of our blogs are couples from our dance groups in transparency. I just recently found out how to do this with any photo. The aim is to post the photo to any graphic and the background will remain transparent, while the couple will be printed in all their glory.

I have collected in the last ten years some 100 dance couples where the photo comes transparent. They are hard to find. You can see them in many of my posters. Now my plan is to get a favorite photo from some of our people, make it transparent, then use it in any poster and gradually delete all the professionals. Maybe some of you can help.

I just read that there may be a name change in the city Phnom Penh? - Phat Chance!