Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Waianae Coast

The long standing wants of the club social dancer have long been ignored on the Coast. But the club dancer has always been there and in this century more people are paying attention even if they have to go all the way downtown.

"Music is a pleasure we obtain from unconscious arithmetic and it comes from counting, but counting unconsciously, and just going with music."

The entire West Coast is developing a different mentality now that the Rail Fiasco is settling in. Everyone is trying to find ways to avoid that disaster. Feeder buses are going to be one big hassle. The Noise from Steel wheels on Steel rail is going to drive people bats. Special buses are planned for the people in Waianae that may cost more but you can ride in comfort to town if you have to.

 Sign on Waianae Radiator Shop: "Best place in town to take a leak."

Then there is the planned Fast Ferry from Kalealoa Harbor to Honolulu. It will cost but it will be in comfort. Just get in and get out. "Comfort" has been deleted from all manuals and guides from the Present Rail Party. Even though the entire world is looking to find ways of getting the people off their cars and onto public transportation. The Present Rail Party is a long way from that. They keep looking for ways to force people into their catastrophe. It's the Money, Sonny.

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

There are still sparks in Waikele and Waipio about a new dance club in the area. Just have to find the right  place to have it. They would get members from as far away as Makaha and the North Shore too. Just treat the member right is all. And another reason to keep from going to town. Many people in this area already dance the American Rumba with the alternative basic. Looking terrific.