Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ups and Downs

We have them all the time. I planned on going to the Monday Dance Hawaii social in Waiapahu, but got a little dizzy with my vertigo. If I am on shaky ground I had better stay home.and look at the four grey walls that surround me.

"We all should learn from the mistakes of others too. We cannot possibly
live long enough to make them all by ourselves."

However I am feeling better and I have an appointment for housing in Pearl City on Wednesday. Got my fingers crossed. Now that I have more visits per month to the VA at Tripler, it can be very nice to reduce the time from a full day lost to just a half day. Terrific. And then from Pearl City, there is a lot more io see than in Nanakuli. Specially now that I am on a walker.

Apparently few people know of the goodies that can be gotten for free if you have the lucky number. The numbers change every month after the closing of the Dow Jones Industrials. The last two numbers are the base number used for the monthly prize

"Truth never lost ground by inquiry"

If one hundred people would check their social security numbers, we would have a winner. But so far nothing. Of course, on the Internet if it says free, you must be careful. There are many that have taken good honest selling to the lowest point in history. So I agree, be careful, ask around, check before you get involved. Meanwhile, if you have the number, call first and you can come to Nanakuli and pick up your prize