Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wapahu Rolling

Waipahu gonna be rolling on Saturday Night and we gonna be dancing up a storm.

Dance Hawaii will do two line dances and ballroom dancing will follow.

"Dahil Sa Yo" by Rogelio de la Rosa
Parking Lot #1: The main parking in front of the UVC hall is for handicapped and elderly members.

Parking Lot #2: open to all other members, families, and friends. (this parking lot will be double parking to fit as many cars as possible, so if you plan to leave early, do not park in this area)

Parking Lot #3: Konko Buddhist Church parking lot (corner of Awanei st & Mokukaua st) this is the recommended parking for Dance Hawaii members, families, and friends. So you won't be blocked in like in parking lot #1 & #2

"In our dance relationships, we do not have to be perfect. just helpful and honest."