Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Rumba?

There seems to be a greater number of dancers dancing the American Style Rumba on the Waianae Coast and all the way doiwn to Kapolei. But of course, the DJs in the West know the good music very well. And there is plenty of good danceable Rumba music around.

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Ten years ago World Music released CDs called Forbidden Cuban Music, and one of the series was the Rumba. The brilliant Cuban musicians featured did not know of or cared about Arthur Murray -- Fred Astaire or any Dance Council's concept of what a rumba is. They played the rumbas as the energetic son music of their ancestors.

 "The Meaning of Aloha (Aloha Oe)" by Loyal Garner

Some of the material in these CDs have been given critical acclaim. In some cases they have confused the world more. But it really has asked the world to take a second look at the music and their interpretations of the music. If dance is a physical expression of music, some review by Hawaii Rumba dancers is long overdue.

"Begin The Beguine"  by Artie Shaw

So if everyone uses the Rumba - Mambo - Salsa basic (known for centuries in the Caribbean) instead of either one of the other two schools of dancing, the rest of the step patterns remain the same. Solution is at hand for the American Style Rumba and that is new alternative method which is actually the old original basic.

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