Sunday, January 31, 2016

Competition Dance, Part One.

By Ray Ogawa, Honokai Hale

Historically, American style ballroom (called Smooth) was developing on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean during the same period as English style ballroom (called Modern) was developing near the east side of the Atlantic.

"If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their
own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others,
 we could have a paradise in a few years."

There seems to be no conflicts in that statement and there was probably some cross fertilization. Jive and Fox Trot are American not English. For that matter, Waltz is not English either. But in dancing there has always been a lot of independent development.

"Song For You"
by Jimmy Borges

Competition seems to have started to dominate the development of English style fairly early (1920s). And in order to be judged, the "correct" way to dance the English style had to be established. Today they have the strictest of rules and all with good reason. All the dancers will be judged by the same rules.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz.

American style was more rooted in social dancing as taught by the Arthur Murray studios and later the Fred Astaire studios and a desire to emulate the stage and screen dancing as epitomized in the Fred Astaire movies.  Consequently, ballroom dancing was much affected by Show Business. And that has given the rise to a different view, the not so fancy Social Dancer, mainly in Night Clubs. And they will dance to the music of their  choice.

"Kau I Ka Hano Ka Wahine" by Amy Hanaialii

You can generally trace many open American style foxtrot figures to things that Fred and Ginger did in various choreographed sequences in their movies. In fact, because of those movies, there was probably more influence of American style on English style than vice versa. But now there is a new version of Social Dancing on Oahu and the dancers will have their say.

(Part two is in Dancing Nights Blog.)

"Yes, we can be creative in anything - in math, science, philosophy -
as much as we can in music or in painting or in dance."

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Amazing Blog

Nearing the end of January, the year is shaping up very nicely with the two top blogs well defined in the leading strata. Town Dancer and Platinum Horseshoe lead with over 40 average hits per day. That is 1200 hits per month. The rest will have to do some catching up. As per usual, the Guest Authors and the information contributors will make the difference.

"Dance has been used as communication between body and soul,
to express what it too deep to find for words."

Platinum Horseshoe has the advantage of having dance information to share with the reader/dancers. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dance Hawaii certainly help in sending information and their members are our best readers. When we get something steady from the Waianae Coast it may surpass Town Dancer.

"She's Gone Again" by Don Ho

In my early days of blogging, I experimented with traffic exchange and traffic boosting sites, but they didn’t do much for me, at that time blogging and techs were the ‘hot’ niches, as well as just making money and for me I was just wasting my time. I even made and deleted over five blogs, but then I learned plenty on the way.

"Ma Mua Paha" by Amy Hanaialii

I learned that you have to build traffic by creating good content and promoting it in the places where your audience is. And at present, there has been something emerging from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Word Press blogs. I am getting good input from these outside sources. There are valuable opinions out there, everywhere. Just work to get them.

 “Dancers can be creative only if they love life enough that they want to
enhance its beauty, they want to bring a little more music to it,'
a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”


Monday, January 25, 2016

The Waianae Coast

There are many dancers on Oahu that are also patrons of the arts and thankfully many are with us. And they realize what they could be for, and don't have to be against anyone else. I am really thankful that many think we should classify all of us as dancers. Whatever additional adjectives we want to attach to that later will be our prerogative.

"Dancers can be standing right in front of the truth and not necessarily see it,
and most may only get it when they're ready to get it."

Waianae Coast has about 50,000 residents now, and taking the 4%, we have approximately 2000 potential dancers. And what do we mean by "potential" dancers? We mean the wannabees that think they would like it, the beginners who try and the beginners who take regular classes outside the area.

"I'll Remember You"
by Don Ho

Also included are the intermediates that dance regularly outside the area and the very few that are tried and true social dancers. But for sure there are enough to start a small dance club of people that want to dance for fun and in their kuleana.. None of this competition stuff. We have to have the people that have the contacts with Waianae District Park. There is no other way.

"Maka Hilahila" by Carol Kai

The best dance floor in the West exists at present at the Wahiawa District Park so there may be something brewing very soon. It can evolve into one of the best Ballroom Dance Clubs on the Island of Oahu.  Perhaps even having a few couples going into the competition type dancing.

"Here's to Life" by Jimmy Borges

They are very gradually coalescing in the area and with the best dance floor in the West they can't lose. As far as we know that floor has never been used for dancing. Same as many Oahu Hotels. They all build big, beautiful "Ballrooms" but only a very, very few permit dancing of any kind on them. It may be illegal on Oahu.

"Movement to music never lies. It is a barometer telling everyone,
the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wot Happened?

Waipahu is still a puzzle. Are we helping or just getting in the way? Some places want you to get on your knees and get permission to blog'em. I tend to drop these people like a hot potato. If you know what Public Relations are you should have no trouble with us.

"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are
different from the things we do."

Fortunately, Dance Hawaii has dances at the Visayan Hall and they are getting to be better known in the area. That leaves us Waikele or Waipio coming right around the corner soon. Which one, we don't know but either way, all the dancers win. It will probably be Waikele or Wiapio because of the new Dance Pavilion that was to be built at the Patsy Mink Recreation Center and has been cancelled to pay for the Rail Disaster.

"My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison

Whatever, this area in West Oahu is developing into the premier dance section on this Island. No, it will not be overnight. Let's have fun helping to develop it for people that want to dance for fun. Waianae Coast is still sitting nice and pretty and not doing too much. But that has been life here all along, take it easy brah! The good news is Tacos and More in Waianae. Live music on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

"Walkin' In The Rain" by Love Unlimited

However change is inevitable and the Waianae Coast is not immune. Besides the ordinary road repair, there is the prospect of the new Kamehameha Schools in Makaha Valley. All three parties involved have spent more than a year trying to finalize this transaction, in spite of the interference by the Present Rail Party.. The expectations and readiness to move ahead by all parties have varied and have unfortunately been misstated publicly.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

It is now time to end this story and move on to the more important one - a fulfillment of dreams on the Waianae Coast. Those dreams are not owned by anyone but by all. Fulfillment in dreams that never had any dancing in them but we all going for them now

“Those who do not hear the music think the dancers mad and
when the music changes, so does the dance”

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dance Hawaii

Received email from Maurice, very nice for the members but too much information for this blog. However, I decided to make a poster just for fun using some of the information in the email. Anyone can copy it and place wherever they want.

I hope no one complains but if they do I will delete in an instant.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

So far we have Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Makua Alli letting us share the dance information with the reader/dancers and we need others, when they are ready. We are not an "instead of," we are "in addition to," which shouldn't be hard to understand.

"Walk With Me Through Paradise" by Melveen Leed

SOS is what I must do the most to minimize and get many of the separate, diverse, personal opinions on dancing as possible. That will make these blogs into real Social Media. The information contributors who may eventually become Guest Authors. The hits will go through the roof and the blog will not need me anymore. I can resign and dedicate myself to the "junk" blogs.

"Most of us know that we dance as communication between body and soul and
to those around us, to express what is too deep to find for words."

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Waianae Coast

Since I have moved from Nanakuli to Pearl City, I have been neglecting the Waianae Coast. Much of it cannot be helped. I have to deal with people around me first and get acquainted. But I have to plan on something to help the people get some dancing on the West Coast of Oahu, they deserve it.

"It is possible that once we accept our limits, we may go beyond them."

Makaha has always had some kind of dancing, just not enough people there. The shopping center is still small and many people still prefer going to Waianae to shop.

Waianae is wide open and has been the center of the Coast for ages. The present spark for entertainment is at Tacos And More and they have Live Music every Wednesday and Thursday evening. Next step Latin Dancing? Oh Boy. Looks like they are going to be leading the way.

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are
something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."

There is a spark of dancing at Maili, also known as Sea Country. Many people with some dancing experience but finding dancing is too far them. They suggest that a nice Community Center on the best Beach Park on the Waianae Coast would be perfect. Another dream? Yes.

Further down is Lualualei, actually part of Nanakuli, there are some dancers there too. And most would be willing  to go all the way to the Waianae District Park. They have seen the most beautiful dance floor in the West Coast of Oahu, and that has never been used for Ballroom Dancing.

The top Hotels in Makaha and Ko'Olina are just too ritzy for most us, regular, run of the mill dancers. Most proposed business parks have been stopped by the Present Rail Party. And everyone up and down the coast realizes that they coulda been home in 20 minutes. But you gotta keep the country, country. This means much less money for schools, limited paved streets and sidewalks. And definitely no shoe stores. The tourists can drive by and say, "Oh, how quaint!"

"The truest expression of a our people is in our dance and in our music.
We should know that human bodies never lie."

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The gist of our dance blogs has been to help the entire dance scene on Oahu. I can try to do the best I can and I try to get others to help too. Of course, we should also understand that nowadays that is quite difficult. Most everybody on the Internet is out to make a buck. And it is taking time for believers on Oahu to understand us.

"Dream big and dare to fail - With determination, one can do anything."

The Blog hits are going up all around very nicely. And our priorities are pretty well set. The Guest Author is our ultimate objective but we cannot get one very easily. Most think it is too much commitment. They just do not know the possibilities for good or that the extent of any commitment is very little.

"Hawaiian Lullaby" by Carol Kai

"Noche De Ronda" por Lola Beltran

The Two Center or information contributor will give us a little information now and then and perhaps a photo or two. Much easier just to email and watch what happens. They can pick the blog of their choice and that will be the meat and potatoes for all blogs and make them into Social Media. Then we will have the one timer that is willing to say something only one time and wants no further commitments.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

This blog could get to be number one with just a couple 2 center and one guest author. We could certainly flesh this blog out into a better publication. There are many things that could be added to make it more interesting. I just don't have the time.

"Our lives may begin to end, when we become silent about things that matter."

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rumba in West Oahu

The Beginnings: by Fred Wilson, Waikele

Most people do not realize that most of the original people of the Caribbean came from Mexico. The first ones arrived soon after the start of Agriculture some ten centuries ago. And the last ones were the ones arriving in the Christian Era and that learned dancing from the advanced civilizations in Mexico. And they brought the rock step followed by the slow step in a four count measure.

"If we would be real seekers after truth, it would be necessary that at least
once in our lives we doubt, as far as possible, all things."

"Adoro" por Graciala Susana

The original Rumba in the Caribbean was fast and very diverse. The Calupso, the Beguine, the Montuno, and at least a full dozen under different names. Traditionally, the main styles of rumba were yamb├║, columbia and guaguanc├│, each of which has a characteristic dance, rhythm and singing..All of them were based on the original Indian dance. Although they were still a purely folkloric genre, numerous innovations were contributed by the Spanish sailors on the Caribbean, All strictly low class.

"Contigo A La Distancia" por Belinda

Sailors went up and down the Caribbean in the 1500s and 1600s and saw and danced these dances. When asked about similarities they would say "Por ese rumbo" which means da kine, same. Later on because la dansa is feminine, they change the name to La Rumba. Nothing to do with Africa. And the best Rumba on Oahu is being danced in the Western part of this island.  Gonna get bettah? You bettah bulieve it?

"We can dance the dance that we dance, we don't have to
dance, the dance that people who dance, dance."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

West Oahu Advances

Now it is becoming more evident that dancing for fun is getting to the West. None of this "heel, toe, toe, heel" stuff that has been turning people off for decades. People in competition and exhibition type of dancing are fine people and their way is correct for their kind of dancing. No hu hu on our part. They are just not with us, that is all, and they have known this all along. They know and pride themselves on the difference that makes them far better dancers than us ordinary mortals.

"We in the West can, because we believe we can."

Dream on fellow dancers.
Meanwhile they are learning to move to music in the central valley. Waipio and Waikele to be exact. There will be no Dance Pavilion in that area. The City needs the money for the Rail Disaster. Lucky our property owners are rich and can afford the property taxes that are going up. And you notice the price of food lately. With the Rail Catastrophe it is going to take longer to make deliveries. And the Fat Cats in Honolulu are laughing all the way to the bank

"Little Things Mean A Lot" by Kitty Kallen

The Waianae Coast has always had some kind of dancing but are they ready to do something about it.? Can we do something to help? Tacos and More has live music on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Could be the start of Latin Dancing in Waianae. Nanakuli has had a few deals but they all fizzled out; Makaha could be the one. But the Fat Cats want to "keep the country, country". That means less money for schools, no paved streets, no sidewalks and definitely no shoe stores. Meanwhile they are making millions and millions of dollars in profits on the Rail Disaster.

"Dancing allows us to learn our limitations and strengths. Our ability to cope with adversity and to get farther than we thought and we find out what we are made of."

Monday, January 4, 2016


On Oahu it is supposedly a story or statement in general circulation in our dance world without confirmation or certainty as to the facts:  We do have some choices, there are some we like and some we don;t like and it has nothing to do with the truth.

"Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. Everything we see is
a perspective and not necessarily the truth."

This blog just disappeared and I have to do it over again. I really do not know what blogger is doing or if they know. Anyway, things are looking good for West Oahu. and our Horseshoe. Starting from the top of the right side of  Horseshoe, they have Salsa Dancing on the North Shore and we look forward to the day when we can add another from the North shore to our blogs.

"Old Devil Moon" by Jimmy Borges

The Central Valley is doing just fine with Salsa Dancing at Just Tacos in Mililani every Saturday Night. And there is regular dancing at Dot's In Wahiawa on weekends. There are rumors of a new Night Club in Waikele or Waipio, - good for these ears.

"Hanalei" by Melveen Leed

In the southwest corner of this Island is Honokai Hale, Kalealoa and Kapolei, and there are plenty of plans there. A Dance Studio, a Dance Club and Night Club with local  dancing. The section is really coming together with the realization of the coming Rail Disaster. We can Live in Paradise and Work and Play in our own kuleana. Now they know what second city is going to be like.

The Waianae Coast is waking up slowly. The coming Rail Disaster has got many interested in bettering the life of the residents in spite of the Fat Cats in Honolulu. Tacos and More in Waianae has Live Music on Wednesday and Thursday. A good step ahead for Waianae. So we are slowly finding out that we must do something to establish the West Coast as independent from Honolulu as possible.

"As Social dancers we dance for ourselves and if someone understands, good.
 If not, then no matter we will go ahead and dance our way."

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Hope Is still here.

Things are still slow in this section and not much incoming communication. I am glad about Waianae thogh. Just Tacos in Mililani has successful Salsa dancing every Saturday night  Now the newer Mexican restaurant, Tacos and More in Waianae is having live music on Wednesday and Thursday evening. A step ahead. We also got some news from Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and from Dance Hawaii but we had no internet. So we must be patient.

"The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts will make it.

They give it to us pretty straight on the Waianae Coast: "You know why so many kids are taking drugs? Because you gotta get stoned to enjoy some of the crap they call music these days." Makes sense to me.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Anyway we mustn't forget the West Coast of Oahu. There is going to be a lot of action brewing in this coming year. A New Dance Club, A Latin Night Club and maybe even a Dance Studio. Or perhaps we shall have to rely on Kapolei as the forerunner for all of it.

"The Song From Moulin Rouge" by Percy Faith

The Community Centers on Oahu are generally not in favor "dancehalls." The founders of Aiea Ballroom Dance Club were well aware of this 60 years ago. Somebody has got to tell them a little secret. Social Ballroom Dancing is for everybody that wants to have some good enjoyable clean fun. That is should be good enough for the citizens of this Island. Can anyone imagine a monthly dance at the Community Center in Kapolei just down the street from Kapolei Elementary. Wow, probably have to close the doors, and people would still be trying to get in through the windows

"Dance as if no one is watching - Love like you have never been hurt - Sing like no one is listening - Work like you don;t need the money and Live like it is Heaven On Earth."