Monday, January 11, 2016

Rumba in West Oahu

The Beginnings: by Fred Wilson, Waikele

Most people do not realize that most of the original people of the Caribbean came from Mexico. The first ones arrived soon after the start of Agriculture some ten centuries ago. And the last ones were the ones arriving in the Christian Era and that learned dancing from the advanced civilizations in Mexico. And they brought the rock step followed by the slow step in a four count measure.

"If we would be real seekers after truth, it would be necessary that at least
once in our lives we doubt, as far as possible, all things."

"Adoro" por Graciala Susana

The original Rumba in the Caribbean was fast and very diverse. The Calupso, the Beguine, the Montuno, and at least a full dozen under different names. Traditionally, the main styles of rumba were yamb├║, columbia and guaguanc├│, each of which has a characteristic dance, rhythm and singing..All of them were based on the original Indian dance. Although they were still a purely folkloric genre, numerous innovations were contributed by the Spanish sailors on the Caribbean, All strictly low class.

"Contigo A La Distancia" por Belinda

Sailors went up and down the Caribbean in the 1500s and 1600s and saw and danced these dances. When asked about similarities they would say "Por ese rumbo" which means da kine, same. Later on because la dansa is feminine, they change the name to La Rumba. Nothing to do with Africa. And the best Rumba on Oahu is being danced in the Western part of this island.  Gonna get bettah? You bettah bulieve it?

"We can dance the dance that we dance, we don't have to
dance, the dance that people who dance, dance."