Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Transition

We finally made the decision that Town Dancer has to go, one way or the other. They have had two Guest Authors but no others have volunteered in several years. With SOS, the hits stagnate and we believe completely that the reader/dancers should make the decision. I no longer can handle. The readers have made the decision and we should accept it.

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending
a love letter to the world." ~Mother Teresa

Not only that but the average hits per day for all the blogs remaining are still over the magic 133 per day. That equals to 4000 hits per month. This is on very solid ground for anyone would like to share their dance information with their fellow dancers. Once at 30 hits per day, any blog will be cruising and I and my fellow Guest Authors can add all the widgets it needs. The most important for now is the Information Contributors and all they have to do is email, the information and photos. Easy,

"Three Coins In The Fountain" by the Four Aces

With enough Information Contributors it can get to the next phase in average hits per hits per day and another plateau. Then the Contributing Editors is the one that will do the the trick. The Guest Author of course will be the topping on the cake.Anyone that can say a few things of interest for the dancers is welcomed by the readers. And they can open, write, post photos and close the blog on their own, anytime they wish.

The blog that can get enough Guest Authors to present a diverse opinion on the status of our dance world can run a blog to over 100 average hits per day (3000/month) and that is about all we can wish  for. I don't really know but I would guess that the law of diminishing returns would kick in about that time.We continue to prune, and slowly evolving a good group interested in enjoying and sharing the fun pictures with their fellow dances. We will also respect the wishes of those that want to be included out.

"Praise is a device for making a person deserve it."

Pub's Note: Meanwhile I wish to congratulate and thank all the reader/dancers of this blog and the Information Contributors, you sure have done a good job we just need more of you.