Sunday, February 7, 2016

Too Many, Part Two

By Jaycee Fukumoto, Waimanalo

Throughout her life Isadora Duncan amazed and scandalized many. Isadora dreamed of having a school of modern dance, and although it did become a reality, money was always an issue. Although Isadora's dance was full of joy, she had many tragedies in her life, including the deaths of her children.  Isadora died tragically in a car accident, but her dancing will be forever remembered.

"A dance club that wants to succeed, will need to have their members see them as reliable, dependable, credible,
helpful, respectful, open, responsive and honest."

I did not know very much about Isadora Duncan's personal life. It was fascinating.  Honestly, Isadora came off as a little overbearing, which might have been intentional.  She did have very strong points of views and wasn't especially interested in hearing otherwise.  She did what she wanted.

"Til I Waltz Again With You"
by Theresa Brewer

She didn't let anyone talk her out of something she wanted to do, even if it might be ill advised. Isadora Duncan was a very strong woman. She would have to be, to dance the way she did during that time, ignoring what people said about her because she felt the truth in what she did. A beautiful fascinating life and Modern Dance remains at its elevated plain to this very day.

"Aloha No Kalakaua" by Amy Hanaiailii

If I don't condone competition dancing I certainly cannot discourage it. Anyone that would like to get into competition dancing should go for it. I simply ascertain that the real universal social dance is, the music "First" then the movement to the music. Dancing without music is not it. And that is being taught every day in studios all over the US.

"We dance because there is no greater feeling in the world than moving to a
beautiful piece of music and just letting the rest of the world go by."