Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still in there.

Big changes coming in the month of April. The first is the name change of Latin Rhythms, just too many in the search engines. The new name is Ritmo Mestizo which most people will know what it means. The new schedule has my blogs being posted every three or four days. The hits remain very static and going up very slowly.

“We could remember that there have been tyrants and liars,
and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end,
they always fall. Think of it -- always.”

"Have You Ever Heard The Rain?" by Amy Hanaialii

In Texas, Salsa seems to be taking a back seat to Bachata. The latest dance rage is definitely Bachata, but of course, no one knows how long it will last. It is a dance for the young. A couple years back Reggeaton came in strong with a lot of hype, but now it is on its way out. Change for the good is coming slowly on Oahu. Our hobby is helping the entire dance environment and give everyone the best public relations possible. Everyone will have a ball moving their way to the music of their choice.

If there is nothing moving in Kapolei, there will something on the Waianae Coast or in the Central Valley. And at this point the Central Valley is looking very promising. What happened to the section between Kalealoa Harbor and Kalealoa Airport? Not the Present Rail Party again.

"Wine is the answer. -- What was the question?"

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Waianae Coast

Our loyal reader/dancers on Oahu are still hitting here but many do not tune into new blogs easily. The search engines are way behind and you can find items from our blogs dating 2011. But you can get to our other blogs easier by clicking the link in the side bar of this blog.

"In our dancing world, opportunity is hard to come by 
if you are just looking for a lucky break."

Makaha Shopping Center
We simply do not get enough information about dancing from anyone on the Coast. And there are definitely a number of people that know their way around. There seems to be some expansion going on the Makaha Shopping Center but it is very small. (A Bar?) Most entertainment is at the resorts nearby. Very expensive.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Of corurse, the biggest drawback of living in Makaha is the Rail Disaster. At present, you can get the #93 express bus in Makaha at 6:00 AM and be at Honolulu Hale by 7:30, The Rail Catastrophe will never do that in a million years. Rapid Transit was not a misnomer. It was a deliberate lie by Present Rail Party.

"The Music Of Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

Waianae District Park
Meanwhile there may be a Community Center on the coast for dancing, though community centers have generally frowned on dancing as a frivolous activity. But new blood may be emerging that may not be controlled by the Present Rail Party. Not many know that "Social" dancers don't need acres of dance floor. We don't need to hog one exclusive place either.

"The Hukilau Song" by Don Ho

The most beautiful floor in the West already there. But like most in the West there is no record that any dancing has ever been done there. But then they even have rules that no dances are permitted at Nanakuli High School. How about that for being a century behind the times? Waianae High School appears to be OK.

"Without You" by Shari Lynn

Tacos And More, Waianae
The only attempt at dancing has been by Tacos And More in Waianae. Not enough publicity and they stopped. Many in Waianae did not even know about it. At present they do have Live Music on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings. They will get something going this year I hope and we are here to help.

"Adoro" por Armando Manzanero

The best example of an Oahu West Community Center is the present Kilauea Recreation Center. Just a little smaller and with a good dance floor would outsell any other dance place on Oahu. The nucleous would be the dancers residing in the West Oahu.and there are plenty of them.

Dance Law #24C: For every dance vision there is
an equal and opposite revision.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Kapolei is dead

Rumors is all we get. There is nothing at the moment for Kapolei, in entertainment planning. Kalealoa had been so promising. The Present Rail Party has done a good job of messing that up. If anyone hears anything about this, please let us know. The readers would be very interested.

"Unfortunately, what dancers believe may prevail over the truth."

In town, the new revival of ballroom dance is due to the many movies and the new TV shows that have done such a good job of promotion. And there has been some good organization in the clubs in town. Unfortunately, many of the social clubs in town are still run as "Oligarchies." Much of it is show business and show business is not dancing at the same level as a social dance. Those people know they are different, no hu hu, we should accept.

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club is leading the way in the Central Valley and getting some good help from Dots In Wahiawa and Just Tacos with Salsa in Mililani. Whitmore Village dance club may join in the action and you have a real basis for a going blog. Not to mention the fact that the dance action could even overflow into the North Shore.

If you have some dance news, use the comments section in the blog or email it in and we can share it with our fellow dancers in these blogs.

Dance Law #28B: "Never attribute to malice that which
can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wahiawa in the Central Valley

Received from Aunty Maile:

This poster will appear in the Dancing in the Dark blog too, just for fun.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Second City

Dancing in the West
by John Swanson,  Kapolei

Dancing throughout history has reflected our social needs. These needs were first displayed in courtship and tribal dances and most primitive dances were performed by members of the same sex with little body contact, (line dancing?) Social dancing is essentially touch dancing and includes all forms of partner dancing done primarily for recreation or pleasure to a variety of musical styles. This evolved in the last 200 or 300 years, with increasing influence from the Western Hemisphere.

“The things we do for ourselves are gone when we are gone,
but the things we do for others remain as our legacy.”

Ballroom Dance has traditionally referred to partner dances done in a ballroom to traditional ballroom dance music. The earliest 18th and 19th century forms of dance began the subsequent interest of partner dancing. It became fashionable during the Renaissance for ladies and gentlemen of the court to dress well and have polished manners. Competition to outdo others led to elaborate balls and the hiring of dance masters to teach their versions of the peasant dances to the aristocracy. And ballroom dancing acquired a reputation for eliteness.

"All Or Nothing At All" by Frank Sinatra

Additional partner dances done for pleasure and recreation were introduced early in the 20th century. And many became fads and went into history After World War II, traditional ballroom dancing and music went into decline even on Oahu. Partner dancing continued in popularity with rock and roll, the Twist and even into the disco era.  On Oahu it rose from the late fifties to the early nineties before going into a gradual decline, Anyone know why? Coming back up? Definitely and specially with a new enlarged social dance group which is including the night club dancers.

"Hanohano, Molokai" by Melveen Leed

"Good dancing does not come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't do."

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Holding On

The Information Contributors on Oahu are still holding back. Opinions are like noses, everyone has got one. And in our case, the opinions of our reader/dancers are very important. First and foremost is that it is a unique opinion and it is usually shared among their many dancing friends.

"You have two chances of doing good without working, slim and none.

I miss going up and down the Wai'anae Coast it was interesting for I learned something every day. that I did not know before. I am adjusting to life in Pearl City.  I am meeting so many nice people, only I cannot get around much anymore. I have a nurse from the VA that dresses the bandage on my foot and I am making arrangements to use the Handi Van. I will be able to use my travel time instead of theirs.

"Love On a Two Way Street" by The Moments

So, first need is the Information Contributor willing to share dance information and/or photos with their fellow dancers in these Oahu blogs. Then try to get one as Guest Author, so they can develop their own blog within the blog of their choice. With enough hits, and they will be there,,I can resign and the blog will become independent. Gotta be our best one. The junk blogs will remain mine.

"From Rags To Riches" by Tony Bennett

“We may learn, as we get older, that rules are made to be broken.
We could be bold enough to live life on our terms, as long as
we are doing right, and never, ever apologize."

Saturday, March 12, 2016

We are learning in West Oahu

 By Walter Kim, Waipio

Even with all of the shortcomings of ballroom dancing on Oahu that I have been reading about, I have much respect and great hopes. We can see that in the Western part of Oahu, ballroom dancing is definitely getting to be more popular. And most everyone has been aware that the social club ballroom environment in town has been in decline for over a decade but now seems to be recovering.

"It's not the difference between people that causes problems,
it's the indifference."

There has been a melodramatic battle among the dancers, an unspoken melee. Despite each and everyone’s hard work, all the dancers end up in a hapless cringe of prestige. And many will not even talk about it. The cliques are passionate about it. In the West, dancers are willing to talk about it to make it better for everyone.

"De jure" authorities in the Social circles should be stricter in their control and not let the "de facto" rulers make the rules. In order to better promote the ballroom environment, they should be stalwart to come up with a system on how to run it for the benefit of all the members, have it verbatim, and then implement it. A good system to accommodate problems will aid into resolving the matters that need to be resolved.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Ballroom dancing is much too serious a business to be taken for granted. It is a shame that those who are into it, though not all, are the ones underrating it and running it into the ground. We need more kokua among all dance groups. We should be on the same side. More than anything, it is imperative to change the stigma of ballroom dancing in town in order to keep its ubiquity for the years to come.

"Aloha No Kalakaua" by Amy Hanaialii

Lastly, Kapolei is dragging it's feet on getting a new dance club on Oahu. That leaves it plainly up to Waikele-Waipio. It’s actually just as simple as coming to terms with our problems in this potentially large group … well, maybe not that simple but hey, it has to start from somewhere.

 “Dance when you're happy and Dance when you are sad. If you were hurt, take the bandage off and Dance, it will make you free."

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dance Floors

It is becoming more evident that the size of the dance floor matters, but for whom? Now we come to a more exact division of the dancers. I have seen a few dance floors in my short but happy life, and I have seen big, small, wood, tile, marble, permanent, portable, dry, wet, oval, square, long, raised, moving, and I have even danced on tamped,polished dirt floors.

"Definition of Stupid: Knowing the truth, Seeing the truth
but still believing the lies."

Dream On Dancers, Nevah gonna hoppen!

Everyone accepts that the rootzi tootis, must have large dance floors. That is their game and we should all respect it. If they need a Palladium of 11000 square feet, let us not argue with them. Most of us do not.need that, -  even stretching it to half the size is way too much for us.

"Beautiful, Beautiful, Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

Some night clubs have a dance floor as small as 100 square feet and we all understand what can be done on that. A Night Club can be considered respectable with a 500 square foot dance floor. A deluxe one in Kapolei should be at about 8 or 9 hundred square feet.

"Moonlight Lady" by Don Ho

A large studio can be just fine.
For social dancing at District Parks or Community Centers, 2000 sq ft would be an absolute minimum. Anything over that would be frosting on the cake. And of course we are talking "wood" floors. None others need apply.

"Hanalei Moon" by Loyal Garner

The extreme social dancers and closer to the old fashion type "street dancers" can dance comfortably on small intimate dance floors of 400 square feet and less, as in a Night Club. (about the size of a two car garage.) They enjoy dancing "to" the music and are very good in phrasing. They can have more fun than a barrel of monkeys and just don't need to cover a lot of ground.

Friday, March 4, 2016


Yes, we are making slow progress in communicating the fact that blogs can be an essential part of a dance organization's Public Relations. Simply in getting the word out to the reader/dancers on Oahu. Just look at Divino Ritmo Studio blogging in Frank's terrific blogs and also with Richie Fun in the Dancing Nights blog. And all they have to do is get a few information contributors to email in the data and or photos that could appear in our dance blogs here on Oahu.

"The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute
for experience. The error of age is to believe that
experience  is a substitute for intelligence."

"Paniolo Country" by Melveen Leed

The latest from Texas is that they are gradually revolutionizing the Ballroom Dancers for fun too and that will be a big step forward. Apparently they are leaning towards many of the discipline favorites, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Swing, Tango and very few of the others. But I believe it will make for a solid foundation.

"My Molokai Woman" by Willie K.

Like Hawaii, it will be in the small dance clubs, night clubs and the American Style of Dance studios. It should gradually stabilize by itself. No need to worry about breaking on the one, two, or whatever. The man breaks wherever the loudest noise is. Matters not if it is on the one, two, or whatever. Dancers is what we want and Dancers is what we are gonna get on the island of Oahu.

"Malama Mau Hawaii" by Amy Hanaialii

In West Oahu, from Ewa Beach to Makaha, there is a growing interest in social partner dancing. This year it will evolve into something somewhere. Yes, the Rail Catastrophe has something to do with it. The property owners should be stuck with it not the ordinary working citizen.

"Ability is the dancing that you are capable of doing.  Motivation
determines the dancing that you do.  Attitude determines
 how well you dance it."

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I lost three weeks in December when moving from Nanakuli to Pearl City and no telephone. Then in February I hit the wall and the VA wheel chaired me over to Tripler where I stayed for two weeks. The hits on all the counters dropped  of course, but I am amazed for the first clear day in March of my Spreadsheet stats. I think I will be looking at the world through Rum colored glasses tonight.

"In our dancing world, there will always be people that will spread false rumors about
other people. Fortunately, most of us can rise above them all."

I can keep this blog covering this Island of Oahu pretty good except that I cannot get around very easily anymore. If I can get the information I print it for the reader/dancers and the hits keep up. With just one steady information contributor from West Oahu it would make the difference in the hits on this blog. Any of you from Makaha down to Kalealoa Harbor, (the left  part of the Horseshoe.) Then across to Ewa Beach, (the bottom part of the Horseshoe.) Then all the way up to the North Shore. (the right side of the Horseshoe.) You got the info, just send it in and I will pass it on in the blog.

More people are becoming adept in using the even step, the rock step and the chassé. Does my heart good to see the dancers enjoy moving to the music of their choice. We can all have a lovely time. Rock step,forward,then backwards. left turns and then right turns. Rock forward three half patterns and basic.Then walk back three half patterns and basic. Easy to learn all six of the under arm turns and you have danced something that you both have enjoyed. Night Club people going in the right direction.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz