Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I lost three weeks in December when moving from Nanakuli to Pearl City and no telephone. Then in February I hit the wall and the VA wheel chaired me over to Tripler where I stayed for two weeks. The hits on all the counters dropped  of course, but I am amazed for the first clear day in March of my Spreadsheet stats. I think I will be looking at the world through Rum colored glasses tonight.

"In our dancing world, there will always be people that will spread false rumors about
other people. Fortunately, most of us can rise above them all."

I can keep this blog covering this Island of Oahu pretty good except that I cannot get around very easily anymore. If I can get the information I print it for the reader/dancers and the hits keep up. With just one steady information contributor from West Oahu it would make the difference in the hits on this blog. Any of you from Makaha down to Kalealoa Harbor, (the left  part of the Horseshoe.) Then across to Ewa Beach, (the bottom part of the Horseshoe.) Then all the way up to the North Shore. (the right side of the Horseshoe.) You got the info, just send it in and I will pass it on in the blog.

More people are becoming adept in using the even step, the rock step and the chassé. Does my heart good to see the dancers enjoy moving to the music of their choice. We can all have a lovely time. Rock step,forward,then backwards. left turns and then right turns. Rock forward three half patterns and basic.Then walk back three half patterns and basic. Easy to learn all six of the under arm turns and you have danced something that you both have enjoyed. Night Club people going in the right direction.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz