Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dance Floors

It is becoming more evident that the size of the dance floor matters, but for whom? Now we come to a more exact division of the dancers. I have seen a few dance floors in my short but happy life, and I have seen big, small, wood, tile, marble, permanent, portable, dry, wet, oval, square, long, raised, moving, and I have even danced on tamped,polished dirt floors.

"Definition of Stupid: Knowing the truth, Seeing the truth
but still believing the lies."

Dream On Dancers, Nevah gonna hoppen!

Everyone accepts that the rootzi tootis, must have large dance floors. That is their game and we should all respect it. If they need a Palladium of 11000 square feet, let us not argue with them. Most of us do not.need that, -  even stretching it to half the size is way too much for us.

"Beautiful, Beautiful, Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

Some night clubs have a dance floor as small as 100 square feet and we all understand what can be done on that. A Night Club can be considered respectable with a 500 square foot dance floor. A deluxe one in Kapolei should be at about 8 or 9 hundred square feet.

"Moonlight Lady" by Don Ho

A large studio can be just fine.
For social dancing at District Parks or Community Centers, 2000 sq ft would be an absolute minimum. Anything over that would be frosting on the cake. And of course we are talking "wood" floors. None others need apply.

"Hanalei Moon" by Loyal Garner

The extreme social dancers and closer to the old fashion type "street dancers" can dance comfortably on small intimate dance floors of 400 square feet and less, as in a Night Club. (about the size of a two car garage.) They enjoy dancing "to" the music and are very good in phrasing. They can have more fun than a barrel of monkeys and just don't need to cover a lot of ground.