Friday, March 25, 2016

Kapolei is dead

Rumors is all we get. There is nothing at the moment for Kapolei, in entertainment planning. Kalealoa had been so promising. The Present Rail Party has done a good job of messing that up. If anyone hears anything about this, please let us know. The readers would be very interested.

"Unfortunately, what dancers believe may prevail over the truth."

In town, the new revival of ballroom dance is due to the many movies and the new TV shows that have done such a good job of promotion. And there has been some good organization in the clubs in town. Unfortunately, many of the social clubs in town are still run as "Oligarchies." Much of it is show business and show business is not dancing at the same level as a social dance. Those people know they are different, no hu hu, we should accept.

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club is leading the way in the Central Valley and getting some good help from Dots In Wahiawa and Just Tacos with Salsa in Mililani. Whitmore Village dance club may join in the action and you have a real basis for a going blog. Not to mention the fact that the dance action could even overflow into the North Shore.

If you have some dance news, use the comments section in the blog or email it in and we can share it with our fellow dancers in these blogs.

Dance Law #28B: "Never attribute to malice that which
can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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