Monday, March 28, 2016

The Waianae Coast

Our loyal reader/dancers on Oahu are still hitting here but many do not tune into new blogs easily. The search engines are way behind and you can find items from our blogs dating 2011. But you can get to our other blogs easier by clicking the link in the side bar of this blog.

"In our dancing world, opportunity is hard to come by 
if you are just looking for a lucky break."

Makaha Shopping Center
We simply do not get enough information about dancing from anyone on the Coast. And there are definitely a number of people that know their way around. There seems to be some expansion going on the Makaha Shopping Center but it is very small. (A Bar?) Most entertainment is at the resorts nearby. Very expensive.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Of corurse, the biggest drawback of living in Makaha is the Rail Disaster. At present, you can get the #93 express bus in Makaha at 6:00 AM and be at Honolulu Hale by 7:30, The Rail Catastrophe will never do that in a million years. Rapid Transit was not a misnomer. It was a deliberate lie by Present Rail Party.

"The Music Of Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

Waianae District Park
Meanwhile there may be a Community Center on the coast for dancing, though community centers have generally frowned on dancing as a frivolous activity. But new blood may be emerging that may not be controlled by the Present Rail Party. Not many know that "Social" dancers don't need acres of dance floor. We don't need to hog one exclusive place either.

"The Hukilau Song" by Don Ho

The most beautiful floor in the West already there. But like most in the West there is no record that any dancing has ever been done there. But then they even have rules that no dances are permitted at Nanakuli High School. How about that for being a century behind the times? Waianae High School appears to be OK.

"Without You" by Shari Lynn

Tacos And More, Waianae
The only attempt at dancing has been by Tacos And More in Waianae. Not enough publicity and they stopped. Many in Waianae did not even know about it. At present they do have Live Music on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings. They will get something going this year I hope and we are here to help.

"Adoro" por Armando Manzanero

The best example of an Oahu West Community Center is the present Kilauea Recreation Center. Just a little smaller and with a good dance floor would outsell any other dance place on Oahu. The nucleous would be the dancers residing in the West Oahu.and there are plenty of them.

Dance Law #24C: For every dance vision there is
an equal and opposite revision.