Saturday, March 12, 2016

We are learning in West Oahu

 By Walter Kim, Waipio

Even with all of the shortcomings of ballroom dancing on Oahu that I have been reading about, I have much respect and great hopes. We can see that in the Western part of Oahu, ballroom dancing is definitely getting to be more popular. And most everyone has been aware that the social club ballroom environment in town has been in decline for over a decade but now seems to be recovering.

"It's not the difference between people that causes problems,
it's the indifference."

There has been a melodramatic battle among the dancers, an unspoken melee. Despite each and everyone’s hard work, all the dancers end up in a hapless cringe of prestige. And many will not even talk about it. The cliques are passionate about it. In the West, dancers are willing to talk about it to make it better for everyone.

"De jure" authorities in the Social circles should be stricter in their control and not let the "de facto" rulers make the rules. In order to better promote the ballroom environment, they should be stalwart to come up with a system on how to run it for the benefit of all the members, have it verbatim, and then implement it. A good system to accommodate problems will aid into resolving the matters that need to be resolved.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Ballroom dancing is much too serious a business to be taken for granted. It is a shame that those who are into it, though not all, are the ones underrating it and running it into the ground. We need more kokua among all dance groups. We should be on the same side. More than anything, it is imperative to change the stigma of ballroom dancing in town in order to keep its ubiquity for the years to come.

"Aloha No Kalakaua" by Amy Hanaialii

Lastly, Kapolei is dragging it's feet on getting a new dance club on Oahu. That leaves it plainly up to Waikele-Waipio. It’s actually just as simple as coming to terms with our problems in this potentially large group … well, maybe not that simple but hey, it has to start from somewhere.

 “Dance when you're happy and Dance when you are sad. If you were hurt, take the bandage off and Dance, it will make you free."