Sunday, April 3, 2016

Central Valley

The action seems to be concentrating in the Central Valley. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club is solid and having a big shindig at the Halemano Plantation. Dot's in Wahiawa has had a going thing for years. Just Tacos, Salsa in Mililani is doing good too. They also have a dance group at Whitmore Village but they keep pretty quiet. Waikele and Waipio are working on something.

Or, as Jesus succinctly put it, "You cannot serve God and wealth"
(Matthew 6:24).

Seems suddenly, but it has been coming for a while. Platinum Horseshoe blog is picking up steam. We are getting readers and not only from West Oahu. But what is dance blog? Nobody knows for sure and many are aware they they do not know. But if anyone is going to know something, it is us and we in the process of defining ours. It is already doing good for some dance groups.

"Dancing the Night Away" by Chic - Le Freak

"Save the Last Dance for Me" by Dolly Parton

The entire group of participants, which will include the readers, will develop a very good definition in a short time. We are not there yet. When we begin to get comments in our blogs, it will be a start. It will lead to regular information contributors to spread the word. Their viewpoint is unique, no one has exactly the same viewpoint. That is what makes them so valuable and there has to be an opportunity for them to be heard. It becomes Social Media and that what it is all about.

"The more you understand and like the music,
the easier you will be able to dance to it."