Thursday, April 28, 2016

HBDA - Kapolei Chapter

I have been communicating with the readers that I am physically impaired and cannot get around much anymore. I cannot see or hear very well but then I am ninety years old. The information contributors have saved the day for all of us. And I copied this picture from their Web site.

Dance is a conversation between body and soul
Email received from William Dionisio:

Hi Pepe,
 I was looking at the latest Platinum Horseshoe post, and decided to give you a call! The number I have, 668-7972, must be an old one. All is well with us. HBDA Kapolei Chapter is still teaching beginners’ classes at the Makakilo Community Park, and HBDA Ewa Beach teaches advance class at the Mahiko Community Park on Renton Road. And as you know, HBDA now has a dance studio in Aiea in the complex that houses Goodwill. Please send me your phone number and we can catch up on the latest! Hope all is well with you.
Best regards.

There are many men who think they are doing it right.  This is the dancer who pulls their partner around and otherwise forces the partner into movements. These are generally most prone to injure a partner through force. This is where pulled shoulders and bad backs most frequently come from. Whether the blame is placed on the partner or not, it’s the leader’s faith in their own skill that is the cause of peril. The ladies on Oahu are some of the best followers in the world. But a good leader has learned to lead without pushing anyone around. Many have learned to lead a lady without even touching her.