Thursday, March 31, 2016

Still in there.

Big changes coming in the month of April. The first is the name change of Latin Rhythms, just too many in the search engines. The new name is Ritmo Mestizo which most people will know what it means. The new schedule has my blogs being posted every three or four days. The hits remain very static and going up very slowly.

“We could remember that there have been tyrants and liars,
and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end,
they always fall. Think of it -- always.”

"Have You Ever Heard The Rain?" by Amy Hanaialii

In Texas, Salsa seems to be taking a back seat to Bachata. The latest dance rage is definitely Bachata, but of course, no one knows how long it will last. It is a dance for the young. A couple years back Reggeaton came in strong with a lot of hype, but now it is on its way out. Change for the good is coming slowly on Oahu. Our hobby is helping the entire dance environment and give everyone the best public relations possible. Everyone will have a ball moving their way to the music of their choice.

If there is nothing moving in Kapolei, there will something on the Waianae Coast or in the Central Valley. And at this point the Central Valley is looking very promising. What happened to the section between Kalealoa Harbor and Kalealoa Airport? Not the Present Rail Party again.

"Wine is the answer. -- What was the question?"