Thursday, June 30, 2016

Still Hoping

This blog is still holding its breath. Last night's spreadsheet showed them in "second" place by a hair with Town Dancer back in front. Town Dancer has led the way for almost two decades. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Kapolei Chapter HBDA are almost convinced that we help each other and it is not a one way street. So it will take time, one more club will do it for this blog. Blogs are already moving upmarket and improving. The term "Professional Blogger" is no longer an oxymoron. Some in the traditional media realize this. ESPN, recently purchased the popular basketball blog True to complement its other online news offerings.

"If the wheels in the upper levels of social cultural dancing
on Oahu think blogging isn’t educational, they may need
to reexamine their thinking."

As far as Platinum Horseshoe is concerned, all we can do is offer the platform, and those that do not wish to use it will let us know by ignoring us, The communication will be plain enough and we will respect their wishes. But we will go all out for those that accept our help and they will make the ultimate decisions. Times, they are a changing and we are going along with them. That Dance Club in Waianae that is in the making, is welcome in this blog and they may just run the membership into the hundreds.

 "Let It Be" by the Beatles

The Basic Moves in the various dances are being covered very nicely in the West. All dances except the Samba have one basic step. You start there and after a few "other" patterns you go back to the basic. If you can do the basic step at least three times to some of your favorite music and enjoy every bit of the moves, you got it made as a social dancer. Moving to your favorite music is a real social dancer just using the KISS method. (Keep It Simple, Stupid.) Its Da Moosic, enjoy it by moving to it!

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

One of the most basic moves in Rumba is the cross body lead and in Social dancing in Latin America it is used in about 30 different dances. They do not do too bad in West Oahu. How about the cross body lead in Waltz? Or Foxtrot? Impossible, Ha! Then most people learn it pretty good on Oahu, but how about the reverse cross body lead? Sometimes referred to as the "counter cross body lead." I don't know of anyone teaching it, but then what do I know? I saw a couple do that about three months ago, just beautiful and nothing since then. Perhaps it is illegal.

“It is so important in this one moment in the music and our 
dance movement is so vital, and worth living. We cannot
let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”

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