Sunday, June 12, 2016

The HBDA Social

Things are looking up for me. The swelling on my foot has gone down and I can get my shoes on. I met Willy near the HBDA studio, where I had gone to Best Buy and I was waiting for my Handi Van. We exchanged information and he sent me the invite for the social. I made it with the help of the Handi Van. They would pick me up and six at home and pick me up at nine at Goodwill.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Getting there early was good because I got to see the action from the start. There were two nice ladies there before me and we had some nice preliminaries.  I have fumble of the hands and feet, so with a little help to take the photos, I can still make a blog. I did take the photos of the front view of the Studio and two inside. And it was so good to enjoy the scene that was unfolding. So nice to see Nora and then Willy again.

"Y Volvere" by Vicki Carr 

Aloha - It's great to see dancers on the floor. Ewa Chapter of HBDA
joined with Kapolei Chapter for another amazing social event.
~Romeo and Miriam Quemado.

A nice shot of the view from the street, then inside for one of the best dance floors I have seen on Oahu, then a good one of the Kau Kau line.

Several others came in and helped to set up the audio and the food tables. A very efficient group and just taking their time enjoying it  all. I took a couple of photos of the beautiful studio and I passed the camera to Susan and she got some good photos. I got one more and then no more. I do not know much about cameras, but at home I noticed, Battery out. Photos lost. So what do I know? We may have another chance next time.

I met so many of my good friends and I must say these are some of the best people you will meet on this Island. A few dances and then it was Kau Kau time, and everyone seemed ready for that. Good way to go. There were so many goodies on the table and probably fit for a king. These people certainly know what they are doing.

'What a fun evening tonight visiting with friends and
sharing all the delicious food." ~ Nora Dionisio 

From Pearlridge Chapter: Wanna dance and have fun? Come join Pearlridge Chapter of the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association, one of Hawaii's largest, oldest, and most exciting organizations.  Trot on down to HBDA Dance Studio on Kam Highway above Goodwill in Aiea. We meet Tuesdays from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Call Shirley at 456-2129 - Class begins on July 7th. - Come join us.

"We can tell when we hit old age by the way it hits back."

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