Friday, June 17, 2016

Willy comes through like a champ

From William Dionisio:

Another fun evening with friends at the HBDA Studio in Aiea. Air conditioning, new hardwood flooring, fine food and music, what more could you ask for! The Studio is located in a very convenient location in Aiea. It is on the second floor above Goodwill, across the street from the Waimalu Shopping Center.

"Y Volvere" by Lucero

From the first list of Willy's Photos. Everyone looks happy
and with good reason.

During a short program, Nora Dionisio, on behalf of Kapolei’s president Chris Rose who is currently on a business trip, thanked rotating instructors Marcie and Cindy Labasan. In addition to teaching the classes, Marcie and Cindy choreographed a lively Cha Cha routine that the chapter dancers performed during HBDA’s 57th Anniversary at the Palladium. Norman Oshiro, Ewa Chapter president, thanked rotating instructors Romeo and Miriam Quemado for teaching the advanced Fox Trot and Mambo classes.

"Kachi, Kachi, Makawao" by Willie K.

Still from Willy's first list of photos. It is looking good for everyone,
that is for sure.

We all live and learn. We will never be perfect in blogging but next month will be better than this month, we can be sure of that. The basic photos for blogs. two people are better than one? Huh? Three people are better than two? But it doesn't go too far. 49 people are better than fifty. and 48 are better than 49. But most of us can see the reasons. Two photos in a blog are better than one, like people. 30 photos are not better than 29. We all learn and we are going to have some deluxe blogging on Oahu, that is for damn sure.

More coming from Willy? You Betcha!

"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple
but we are getting there."