Wednesday, August 17, 2016

West Oahu

We are all mourning the loss of the Moanalua Corridor that had the potential to be one of the biggest centers of social dancing on Oahu. It would have been from the Stadium to Pearl City and the beautiful new HBDA Studio the center of it all. So far the Rail Disaster has done its part in the destruction and it is going to get worse.

"When words leave off, the music begins and the dancing soon
follows and we can just let the rest of the world go by."

It was at one time the second most densest area next to Waikiki, it was a natural. But it was the money, Sonny for the Fat Cats in Honolulu. We all now know it was the bread, Fred. So it is up to Kapolei and the Central Valley to provide the dance action in West Oahu. The North Shore has to wait because too many of the Fat Cats of Honolulu are still with their "Keep the country, country." Big Laugh, I know.

Many of the Social Dance Clubs already have a good number of members so they do not care to communicate that more would be welcomed. So we must go after the new groups, the ones that are getting a good group of dancers wanting to move to the music of their choice. We can rattle the dishes for them and help build them up into a solid dance group. We will have Social Media.

"Dancers seem to be quick to believe the bad things they hear
about good people even from known liars."

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