Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dancing in West Oahu

By Mary Cheung, Waipio

I’ve never met a dance studio owner on this island who said, "I opened my business because I love sales and marketing." Most studio owners have started with a dream of owning or operating their own studio because of a love for teaching dance, choreographing, creating productions and everything that goes with it.

"Before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine
how happy are those who already possess it." 

That said, the success of any for profit business lies in the ability to have paying customers. And most of the dance teachers and studio owners on this island are in this business because it’s their career and profession – it’s how they make a living. And the location certainly makes a difference nowadays. Downtown Honolulu is not dying for another studio. Really!

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Arthur Murray just discovered this recently and now has a second studio in Kailua. Brilliant move. There has always been some action in ballroom dancing there but it has never been promoted by anyone in a real sense of communicating this fact to the people. They kept it a private affair. Now with Arthur Murray, it starting to move and it is doing well.

"The Way I Want To Touch You" by the Captain and Tennille

The Moanalua Corridor is apparently now trying to break out of this mold in spite of the Rail Disaster. HBDA is beginning to do a good job of communicating to the readers of this blog.. The two dance studios now in existence in this area, do not cover ballroom dancing and can be ignored. That leaves the entire Moanalua Corridor just asking for it. And there will be a Ballroom Dance Studio there very soon and perhaps even a new dance club.

"Dancers may find out that it is good to start the day with a smile
and finish with a glass of wine."

Sunday, September 25, 2016


We are making progress. And now that I am beginning to get back on my feet I will make even more contacts. First I was lucky to run into Willie and I went to the HBDA Kapolei Chapter function in July at the HBDA Studio in Pearlridge. Most everything came out nice. The Handi Van to bring me home was 35 minutes late but I  don't complain, these people do a lot for me.

Dancer's  Quote: If you did not hear it with your own ears or
see it with your own eyes - don;t invent it with your small
mind  and share it with your big mouth."

Next I went to the function of HBDA Pearlridge Chapter in August at the Studio and this time I took the #53 bus. Got it a half block from my home and dropped me off right in front of the studio. Got pictures and items to print but my fumbling hands lost some. Met some awfully nice people and I certainly hope to see them again. Got the #53 bus right across the street after nine and I was home before ten. Just beautiful.

Next I went to Oktoberfest Dance by Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and so nice to see so many old friends. They sure have a fun crowd and a beautiful dance floor. Leland and Maile sure made it easy to get the information to blog. I forgot to take paper to get somethings in writing to print. We will all learn as we go along. Now I have to find a night club nearby where they will assist me in blogging them. And wait for the next opportunity for HBDA and Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club. We ae moving in the right direction.

"Social Dancing is when the lady accepts and you have a beginning,
dancing together is progress and each partner doing their
best  to enjoy the music - is success."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oktoberfest Followup

I have gone over it with people before. They say, you go to all that trouble to go to s dance when you can't dance and you can't eat. They are right in a way, but not my way. I have the choice to stay home and look at the four walls and get on the computer now and then. Much better to do something like make plans for a nice trip to a WBDC dance in Wahiawa. Make arrangements with the Handi Van and then go and appreciate seeing all those good people enjoying life to good music and dance. And I get material for my blog. Hey, Hey, somebody gonna think they should charge me extra. They are probably right.

"Our dance teachers help their students find the song in their hearts,
the beat in their feet and their passion in life."

The night on Saturday was a night for me to remember and I hope to make it to the next one and make another blog. We are not perfect in our blogging, but then who is? And we should know we will make each one better than the last and perhaps soon we will get a steady information contributor and perhaps even a Guest Author. It would really get this blog rolling.

Finally got the last of the photos, all of which turned out
to be much better than I first thought.

Photographs - Maile did very well so we include a few hints for Blog photos. Two dancers are better than one. Three are better two and Four are better than three but, 50 is not better than 49. And we gradually shy away from the "peas in a pod" kine. From those simple facts, the photographers will make their decisions. If we get at least three different photographers, there will three different viewpoints and that is Social Media.

In the beginning, it took a couple weeks to get Platinum Horseshoe out of average single digit hits per day. A couple months to get into 20s. And now that I am making more contact with the dance clubs we will go into the 30s average hits per day. 33 is the magic number, and equals 1000 hits per month. And it is quite simple, we just have to share dance information with our fellow dancers.

"Many of the problems in our dance world would disappear if we
talked to each other, instead of about each other."

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oktorberfest in Wahiawa

Woke up Saturday morning with my usual depression (of living here) but nowadays it is over in an hour. Got my routine of the morning going and starting planning my trip to Wahiawa. I got just about everything but forgot my blank papers. I was ready at 6 and the Handi Van was there a minute later. But he had to pick up a lady at the next shopping center and take her home first in Kunia. It took an hour and I got to Wahiawa about seven and the place looked very good to me.

"Strong Dancers don't put others down, they do
every thing they can to lift them up."

Met most of the ones I knew almost immediately and it was so nice to see them all. I hadn't seen most of them for a couple years. Naturally Leland and Maile were special and I ended up seated by Leland with a good visual of the entire enchilada. And as the happy dancing progressed, I could see that there were other visitors present, and  I started to feel very comfortable. It was so nice to see all these people enjoying themselves in entertainment of their own making - Dancing.

The top three photos in the collage, I received from Rodney and Carol by the time I got home. They gotta go in first. The bottom middle - My hands fumble, and nobody has to wait on me here so I test the camera. The other two were the first taken by Maile and there are a lot more. I am sure I have enough to make this into two blogs. Meanwhile, I asked Maile for a dance, I had to use two hands but she knew when to let me go, I wanted to dance. The energy in the dancers was contagious. I have not fallen in over a year.

"El Reloj by Luis Miguel

More people were coming in and it was becoming a merry crowd and the variety of music played by DJ Leland was very much appreciated by all. There was plenty of the non-regulatory types, such as Salsa and Bachata and what's more, people were dancing to it. Even Tango had quite a few Filipino tango fans. They also had a few specialty line dances and as per usual we need more men in these types of dances. It is just a fun break during the evening dances. And I danced another dance.

Maile took so many good pictures that I just went down the line and I still have enough for a follow up blog in a couple days. Any items of interest to our fellow dancers, email it in and I will post it. And this is a blog, any suggestions, additions, deletions, or changes can be made readily. And I want to thank the entire gang for making this such a fun happening for me, I hadn't danced this much in over a year.

Pub's Note: The outook email will be phase out, they keep losing the folders. Their fault and to get them back requires a programmer. Try this one,  It seems to be working.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Salsa and the Mambo

Salsa on two, (New York) Back in the Palladium
By Aristides Raul Garcia  aka El Intruso

In his essay "Is it Mambo or Salsa? Only the Clave knows" Mike Bello claims to have been at the Palladium. He is not really lying; he is telling a half truth, and that is the problem in dealing with this "slippery cat", they don’t really lie; they just tell you the part of the truth that fits their purpose. Of course Mike Bello probably went to the Palladium which opened in the 80’s on East 14th Street as a normal North American Disco, and as time went by introduced Salsa Nights (not Mambo nights, by the way) on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, I really don’t remember.

"Football is not a contact sport, it’s a collision sport –
dancing is a contact sport."

But Mr. Bello was never at the Palladium of Mambo-fame; the one I’m going to describe. Not even the famous Eddie Torres has ever claimed to have been there. And anyone trying to tell you that in those days the drinking laws were more relaxed, or that the bouncers at the doors would turn a blind eye if one was under age, is simply lying or living a fantasy; they were very strict, and in the early 60’s the Palladium had to be very careful, because the Police Department was keeping an eye on the joint looking for any excuse to close it down.

"Hazlo Bonito" por El Coronel

The Palladium was for a very specific group of people. The average Latino was not going there. It was show time at the Palladium; battle of the bands, battle of the dancers, and eventually battle of the bouncers. It had very little to offer to the average Pedro y Juana. They were, and still are, reluctant to spend their hard earned pesos to stand on the sideline listening to virtuoso solos, which seem to go on for ever, or watching super dancers take over the dance floor. They appreciate both things, but only to a certain point; what they really want to do, above all, is to dance themselves. So they were simply going to other clubs, and left the Palladium to the "hip crowd"

"Ven Devorame Otra Vez" por Azucar Moreno

The problem with that was that when the middle class fled to suburbia in the early 60’s, slowly the crowds at the Palladium started to get smaller. Then the famous and the curio seekers also started to disappear. There were nights at the Palladium when the only people present were the mafiosi (and their bouncers), the musicians and their friends, and the great dancers all looking at each other wondering what was going on. Good bands were not so willing to play there anymore. The Mafia running the joint grew restless and aggressive.

Today’s newcomer to Salsa is aware of Tito Puente, EL REY DEL MAMBO, and there was another Tito who also was one of the big legends from the Palladium. His name was Tito Rodriguez. Legend has it that T. Rodriguez started to play more uptown than downtown; that he also had his eyes set on the Latin American market; that he saw the Mambo thing coming to an end. He felt comfortable playing anywhere.
"And we should all know, when the crowd gets too hip anywhere,
it is not for us ordinary dancers." 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club




6:30 PM – 9:50 PM

POTLUCK! or a monetary donation is appreciated.


Ok·to·ber·fest Note: Oktoberfest this year,
is celebrated from September 17 – October 3, 2016

1. a traditional autumn festival held in Munich, Germany,
every October that features beer-drinking and merrymaking.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Shaping Up

It has been a long haul from the beginning when somebody thought up the idea of Second City. The perfect answer to Honolulu's growing problems. Traffic congestion being the worst of it in downtown Honolulu but the Fat Cats have got to make more money. The people do not matter, It's the cash, Nash. Look at the Rail Disaster, millions and millions of dollars have already been made. After 3 years, Grabauskas left Hawaii.a multi millionaire. Telling all his friends at home, about those Honolulu Yokels, easy money. Lucky our property owners are rich and can afford it. Of course, they are stuck with it.

"Yes, it is horrible when people who know nothing about you,
talk about you as if they do."

We have two social dance clubs in the Kapolei area, both HBDA, with very good teachers and that is a good start for the dancers that live in this area. And there is one in Wahiawa. So everyone knows that we need one in Waianae and one on the North Shore. A group somewhere is going to do it and we are here to help promote their enterprise. With a good information contributor from them we can have them well known throughout the island of Oahu.

Social Media will develop along the lines where the #53 bus takes me and whatever information I can get from Kapolei. And I will have to figure a bus ride to Tacos And More in Waianae on a Thursday evening. Live Music. It will be quite a while before I can make contact with the North Shore. Meanwhile, I will try to get everyone of ours known all the way to the Big Island. I just need information to share with our fellow dancers.

"A screwdriver walks into a Pearl City bar: The bartender says,
"Hey, we have a drink named after you!" The Screwdriver
 responds, "You have a drink named Murray?"

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Evolving Blog

What a difference one more social club news made to the Platinum Horseshoe blog and to interest in social dancing in the West. Millie Chun came through like a champ with her report on the Pearlridge Chapter Social. Another club in Waianae and one more on the North Shore would establish this blog firmly in the top of the blogs on Oahu.

 "Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product."

We can get going by getting as much information from and for the reader/dancers as possible. If this blog is redesigned, the reader/dancers will do it. And as always, there will be those that have been contaminated by the Creative Researchers And Producers and are not interested in participating in our endeavors and they will be respectfully excluded. They will make the ultimate decision of opting out. No hu hu. We will have a lot of ground to cover without them.

"Wheel Of Fortune" by Kay Starr

Now that I can get my shoes on, I am making plans to travel as much as possible using the #53 bus which stops a block away and it goes all the way to Ala Moana. Second choice will be the Handi Van which is very good except that the wait is sometimes over a half hour. So any clubs in the route of the #53 bus, let me know and I will try to drop by and with their help, make a nice blog for our fellow dancers. I always take a last look when I leave. It's nice that our dance world will know that all these people were having good clean fun and willing to let the rest of the world go by.

"Here's To Life" by Jimmy Borges

Ritmo Mestizo the blog is at the bottom of hits. I have given it time, but no one seems to know or care about Latin music and dance, which they dance every day. However I got some suggestions from some fellow dancers and I thought it would be a nice thing to try. And I could postpone deleting the blog to the end of the year. For those interested in the other blogs, just click the poster on the side bar of any blog and the one you click will appear like magic on your screen. Suggestions welcomed.

 "Every person who got to where they are,
had to begin from where they were"