Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dancing in West Oahu

By Mary Cheung, Waipio

I’ve never met a dance studio owner on this island who said, "I opened my business because I love sales and marketing." Most studio owners have started with a dream of owning or operating their own studio because of a love for teaching dance, choreographing, creating productions and everything that goes with it.

"Before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine
how happy are those who already possess it." 

That said, the success of any for profit business lies in the ability to have paying customers. And most of the dance teachers and studio owners on this island are in this business because it’s their career and profession – it’s how they make a living. And the location certainly makes a difference nowadays. Downtown Honolulu is not dying for another studio. Really!

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Arthur Murray just discovered this recently and now has a second studio in Kailua. Brilliant move. There has always been some action in ballroom dancing there but it has never been promoted by anyone in a real sense of communicating this fact to the people. They kept it a private affair. Now with Arthur Murray, it starting to move and it is doing well.

"The Way I Want To Touch You" by the Captain and Tennille

The Moanalua Corridor is apparently now trying to break out of this mold in spite of the Rail Disaster. HBDA is beginning to do a good job of communicating to the readers of this blog.. The two dance studios now in existence in this area, do not cover ballroom dancing and can be ignored. That leaves the entire Moanalua Corridor just asking for it. And there will be a Ballroom Dance Studio there very soon and perhaps even a new dance club.

"Dancers may find out that it is good to start the day with a smile
and finish with a glass of wine."

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