Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oktoberfest Followup

I have gone over it with people before. They say, you go to all that trouble to go to s dance when you can't dance and you can't eat. They are right in a way, but not my way. I have the choice to stay home and look at the four walls and get on the computer now and then. Much better to do something like make plans for a nice trip to a WBDC dance in Wahiawa. Make arrangements with the Handi Van and then go and appreciate seeing all those good people enjoying life to good music and dance. And I get material for my blog. Hey, Hey, somebody gonna think they should charge me extra. They are probably right.

"Our dance teachers help their students find the song in their hearts,
the beat in their feet and their passion in life."

The night on Saturday was a night for me to remember and I hope to make it to the next one and make another blog. We are not perfect in our blogging, but then who is? And we should know we will make each one better than the last and perhaps soon we will get a steady information contributor and perhaps even a Guest Author. It would really get this blog rolling.

Finally got the last of the photos, all of which turned out
to be much better than I first thought.

Photographs - Maile did very well so we include a few hints for Blog photos. Two dancers are better than one. Three are better two and Four are better than three but, 50 is not better than 49. And we gradually shy away from the "peas in a pod" kine. From those simple facts, the photographers will make their decisions. If we get at least three different photographers, there will three different viewpoints and that is Social Media.

In the beginning, it took a couple weeks to get Platinum Horseshoe out of average single digit hits per day. A couple months to get into 20s. And now that I am making more contact with the dance clubs we will go into the 30s average hits per day. 33 is the magic number, and equals 1000 hits per month. And it is quite simple, we just have to share dance information with our fellow dancers.

"Many of the problems in our dance world would disappear if we
talked to each other, instead of about each other."

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