Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oktorberfest in Wahiawa

Woke up Saturday morning with my usual depression (of living here) but nowadays it is over in an hour. Got my routine of the morning going and starting planning my trip to Wahiawa. I got just about everything but forgot my blank papers. I was ready at 6 and the Handi Van was there a minute later. But he had to pick up a lady at the next shopping center and take her home first in Kunia. It took an hour and I got to Wahiawa about seven and the place looked very good to me.

"Strong Dancers don't put others down, they do
every thing they can to lift them up."

Met most of the ones I knew almost immediately and it was so nice to see them all. I hadn't seen most of them for a couple years. Naturally Leland and Maile were special and I ended up seated by Leland with a good visual of the entire enchilada. And as the happy dancing progressed, I could see that there were other visitors present, and  I started to feel very comfortable. It was so nice to see all these people enjoying themselves in entertainment of their own making - Dancing.

The top three photos in the collage, I received from Rodney and Carol by the time I got home. They gotta go in first. The bottom middle - My hands fumble, and nobody has to wait on me here so I test the camera. The other two were the first taken by Maile and there are a lot more. I am sure I have enough to make this into two blogs. Meanwhile, I asked Maile for a dance, I had to use two hands but she knew when to let me go, I wanted to dance. The energy in the dancers was contagious. I have not fallen in over a year.

"El Reloj by Luis Miguel

More people were coming in and it was becoming a merry crowd and the variety of music played by DJ Leland was very much appreciated by all. There was plenty of the non-regulatory types, such as Salsa and Bachata and what's more, people were dancing to it. Even Tango had quite a few Filipino tango fans. They also had a few specialty line dances and as per usual we need more men in these types of dances. It is just a fun break during the evening dances. And I danced another dance.

Maile took so many good pictures that I just went down the line and I still have enough for a follow up blog in a couple days. Any items of interest to our fellow dancers, email it in and I will post it. And this is a blog, any suggestions, additions, deletions, or changes can be made readily. And I want to thank the entire gang for making this such a fun happening for me, I hadn't danced this much in over a year.

Pub's Note: The outook email will be phase out, they keep losing the folders. Their fault and to get them back requires a programmer. Try this one,  It seems to be working.

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