Sunday, September 25, 2016


We are making progress. And now that I am beginning to get back on my feet I will make even more contacts. First I was lucky to run into Willie and I went to the HBDA Kapolei Chapter function in July at the HBDA Studio in Pearlridge. Most everything came out nice. The Handi Van to bring me home was 35 minutes late but I  don't complain, these people do a lot for me.

Dancer's  Quote: If you did not hear it with your own ears or
see it with your own eyes - don;t invent it with your small
mind  and share it with your big mouth."

Next I went to the function of HBDA Pearlridge Chapter in August at the Studio and this time I took the #53 bus. Got it a half block from my home and dropped me off right in front of the studio. Got pictures and items to print but my fumbling hands lost some. Met some awfully nice people and I certainly hope to see them again. Got the #53 bus right across the street after nine and I was home before ten. Just beautiful.

Next I went to Oktoberfest Dance by Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and so nice to see so many old friends. They sure have a fun crowd and a beautiful dance floor. Leland and Maile sure made it easy to get the information to blog. I forgot to take paper to get somethings in writing to print. We will all learn as we go along. Now I have to find a night club nearby where they will assist me in blogging them. And wait for the next opportunity for HBDA and Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club. We ae moving in the right direction.

"Social Dancing is when the lady accepts and you have a beginning,
dancing together is progress and each partner doing their
best  to enjoy the music - is success."