Saturday, November 19, 2016

Turkey Trot

Nice day, got prepared for the trip, the camera, batteries, paper, pen, pencils and a couple storage disks. I put a full movie in one of them. What do I know?  And the Handi Van would pick me up at home at 6 pm and take me to Wahiawa. They would pick me up at Wahiawa at 9 pm and take me home. Sounded good to me, these people are super.

"We can make a living by what we get, but
we can make a life by what we give."

Turned out it was a bit early and I was there at 6:45, but in a few minutes the first couple arrived and I went with in with them. They soon began to come in, Leland and Maile with their equipment, and was informed that on Fridays, it was from 7:30 and on Saturdays it was from 7:00. So we live and learn.  I got the first picture to make sure my camera was working. The camera said the batteries were low. I brought with me four extra batteries. But they were all in bad shape. I will make sure to have them fully charged next. Fortunately I got a couple from Leland. I know that those that are perfect find this hard to understand. It was dark for much of the time and I couldn't take any pictures.

And it was a slow night. But these are good people and they can enjoy moving to the good music and generally having fun in social atmosphere. Though I was not able get my camera going,

Maile managed to get some good pictures, emailed to me and here they are. She wrote, "Thank you for coming Joe! Despite not having our sister dance club there, we all had a wonderful time tonight!

There were plenty of other cameras around. Perhaps next time, somebody is willing to share a couple photos with the reader/dancers of this blog. Email them in and we will all thank you.

Aiea Ballroom Dance Club, sister club of Wahiawa, was having their Thanksgiving banquet at the famous Palladium in town. Many people probably went there. But please no recriminations, we hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving day, no matter where. And then there are the Christmas Dances coming up. Hey, live it up. you only live once, and doing it this way, once is enough.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett 

Late entry from Maile, but enough photos to make another collage.
And it shows we can make any correction to the blog if we wish.

I passed out a few storage disks and the Handi Van came early, but I guess Maile knew the driver, and he did not mind waiting for me to get ready and say my goodbyes. He just may be at the Christmas Party. I was home before 10 and had one of my best meals in the year. Thanks Maile I keep saying these are terrific people. Also thanks to Rodney and Carol, I will see ya all at Helemano Plantation on the 10th.