Sunday, December 11, 2016

Halemano Plantation

I knew this was special day and one reason was that I had two destinations to go to, on the Handi Van, The first was with the dentist at 1:00 pm. The van to bring me back home never got there and I had to  take two buses to get home. The next place I knew, would be more fun and I got ready by 5:00 pm.

The van was a little late but I got to the Halemano Plantation by six and the place was starting to move, with many already partaking of the delicious food. (I know how delicious, for I got to take some home and it was fit for royalty.) Maile was doing just fine leading the way and the terrific music of Leland was permeating throughout the floor. And even if no one was dancing they were sure getting in the mood.

"Merry Christmas + Happy 2017 to our Sister Club - Love from"
Deanie Burgess - Aiea Ballroom

"Great dance music, awesome food and many many friends."
Bert Burgess

Sometimes, everything comes together just right.  A nice evening with the right group chemistry, the general positive vibes, a few pleasantly surprised newcomers, and naturally, some other mysterious "something" all came together, Saturday evening at the Helemano Plantation.  It was one of "those" nights, and it was fun.  There was a limit on the tickets sold and there were just enough participants to make things exciting, but not so many that the dancers were banging elbows and toes.

"Mele Kalikimaka everyone, my wife and I wish everybody
a Happy Holiday. Be Safe and Be Happy."
Ron and Rosalie

"Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season"
Dieter and Gloria Phister

I took a couple photos to make sure the camera was working. Then I found a nice place near my friends, Ron and Rosalie, they are both such fun people Gave Ron the camera and he got some pictures. Rodney and Carol were nearby they always help. I also want to thank them publicly for the invitation. So many good friends and fortunately Ron had some nice wine. And there seemed to be a lot of wine bottles out and everyone seem to be just sipping and enjoying the scenic atmosphere. I am getting more convince that my preference in wine will be red wine.

"It's been a long, long time to see you again, Pepe"
Phil and Elvie Padilla

"Awesome party - Friendly and Accommodating - Family party friends."
Amador Verzon

"Much Aloha and such great dancing! What a wonderful
Merry Merry Christmas!"
Doug and Kate

These photos were all taken with my camera by various photographers. I am sure everyone thanks them as of course I do too. I knew that one blog on such an enjoyable occasion would not be enough so the next blog will be with Marie's photos with everyone wishing her a Happy Birthday. The photos were sent by Iphone and that can be pretty difficult to make out. I have duplicates and perhaps triplicates in photos from Marie and Maile.  I will try to get it in the Town Dancer blog today.

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