Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year on Oahu

There has always been a library at Waianae and when Kapolei began to build up they had to have a library too and it turned out to be a beautiful building and plenty of users. But now, we have heard the good news, there will be a new library in Nanakuli by next year. Many on the West coast are ready to donate some of their best books to the library. The book readers on this end of the Coast are going to have good book inventory to pick from.

"Dancers think it is kind of silly to think that tearing
someone else down will build you up."

We intend to add more good dance groups and to prune the inefficient spots. Our overall readers seem to be developing into a good group that is interested in enjoying a good dance without getting too technical about it. We have many men that would have been considered street dancers in the olden days but now accepted as real dancers. Is this only in West Oahu?

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Tango losing interest World Wide - too many different Tangos. The Argentine dancers themselves have nine different tangos to dance to. On Oahu we have four, Argentine, American, Filipino and International. And now comes a new one in the US and threatening to come to Hawaii. The FoxTanTino - a foxtrot to Tango music?  We shall see what we shall see. I personally would rather see an amalgamation of the Filipino and the American with the name, The Hawaiian Tango. How about that?