Sunday, December 18, 2016

Phil and Elvie Padilla

They were there, at the Halemano Plantation shindig. I was so busy with everything that I just knew that someone would get a good picture of them. So I am not perfect and I make mistakes. Hang Me. I lost them when I moved to Nanakuli eight years ago but now Phil told me that they have been in Panama. We will catch up to them now that they are back in Hawaii. And I am going to get that picture for this blog.

"The search for happiness is unlike any other search,
for we search last in the likeliest places."

Phil and Elvie are a natural performers. When they dance everybody watches. Their early performing experience, their active minds, and their years of dancing give them a wealth of material to draw upon. They can constantly create new routines and use them as little sections in their social dancing. Performing and social dancing are one and the same to them. Their repertoire is full of many sequences and they are very interesting to watch. I have always been fascinated.

"Knock Three Times" by Dawn

I cannot go everywhere and do everything and the VA is doing a good job of holding me up. Sooner or later I will have some help and I will get more news and photos out and run these hits up to the moon. The "Good People" are turning out very well in the Platinum Horseshoe blog. And now I want to get a dancer from this group for the "Transparency" and for the Fake Magazine cover shot. It should be a terrific fill in and lend enjoyment for our reader/dancers.

" The Last Dance" by Donna Summer

Meanwhile, our crowd is getting very good at moving to our good music in partner fashion. Good social dancing, we all know that. However, line dancing is a very good way of dancing the night away. So Perhaps someone can suggest how to get more men interested in dancing. The way the Indians danced it a millennium ago. Men Only. Of course, it does get too fancy at times and that turns me off too.

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