Thursday, December 22, 2016

Time for Christmas

And most dance groups are preparing for the next year. Before starting any advertising campaign, they should have a measurable goal set so they can track their progress to determine if the ad is successful or needs tweaking. Most of us sort our mail over the trash. The goal is to recycle as much paper as possible and find the few items that are important. The amount of Spam advertising out in the world is outrageous.

How about the computer and the Internet? Much of it does not cost much and it may be more useful than radio, newspapers or TV advertising. There are two very useful items for dance groups, the Web sites and the Blog sites, and most Blog sites are non-profit. Find out the difference and use each one for its most useful purposes. In Blogs, differentiate between an information contributor and a Guest Author. Then they will be well on their way to being knowledgeable on how to spread the word.

"As social dancers we may be the real dancers.
We don't dance because we want to -
we dance because we need to."