Sunday, August 13, 2017

Old WWII publication

"There was a time when the world asked ordinary men
to do extraordinary things."

These paratroopers were not heroes, they were just ordinary guys. Heroes get medals for "Above and Beyond the call of Duty." Most of these guys were just doing the "Call of Duty."

August 15,1944, on a dusty dirt runway outside of a small village near Rome, Italy, I am just a kid, almost nineteen, I had a few beers and I am feeling pretty good. Now at close to 2 AM, I am on a C-47 airplane roaring down a runway with lights about as visible as flashlights, marking the left and right sides. We finally lift off and we become airborne with a set course for Southern France. The invasion would be starting in about six hours.

"I'll Be Seeing You" by Jimmy Durante

I and my fellow paratroopers didn't have to worry about airplane formations so we just tried to sleep. With the uncomfortable seats, all the equipment we were carrying, and the tight parachute harness, we might doze a little but that's all and we could pray a lot.

And as we approached the coast of France almost two hours later, I remembered the fear growing inside of me and of praying a little harder. And probably repeating my self, "Dear God." Soon enough the red light came on to indicate that we were nearing our drop zone. It was still pitch black outside and we were not encountering any anti-aircraft fire.

“Lili Marlene” by Marlene Dietrich

So at that point I started to worry about what might be waiting for us on the ground and the chances of landing in the vicinity of the drop zone. It was time for a little humor and the jump master got up and announced "OK, all you guys with the one way tickets, stand up." We hooked up our static lines, made our last minute equipment check, faced the rear of the plane and waited excruciating moments for the green light. It may have been about 4:00 am by then.

The green light flashed on and we moved forward, leaving the plane one by one. I remember getting to the door, saw the guy in front of me vanish and then just a big black hole, I made the sign of the cross and went out. Once out of the plane and the parachute opened, I always got that sense of relief. I checked my canopy and it was beautiful, looked around and only glimpsed a couple of other chutes but worried when I realized I couldn't make out any ground features.

Everything looked hazy and my first thought was they dropped us in the Mediterranean. Then slowly, I broke through a fog bank and that is what was preventing me from seeing the ground detail. But they had dropped us low enough so that we would not to spend too much time in the air. So suddenly, there was the ground and I had no chance to prepare to land.

I hit like a sack of shit as they use to say in those days. Just got a little banged up, that's all. I quickly got out of my chute and put my equipment together, There I was all by myself in a foreign country, God knows where. But I was just fine so far, now I had to look for the other guys. I pushed the safety off my trigger guard, just in case, but hoped I didn't run into any Jerries.

From the Bible, Ecclesiastes 3: a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

We are updating.

The stats are pointing to Platinum Horseshoe blog as the new leader of the Blogs on Oahu and the hits are getting more solid. We are lucky to blog Wahaiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association.  Lately Dance Appeal Studio has become a part of our kuleana. All we have to do now is to be on the look out for something on the Waianae Coast. And the North Shore is looking good too.

"Social Dancers believe that if you dance today, you will dance tomorrow
and you may just dance forever."

I must promote the Wai'anae Coast to help them help themselves. They are overdue and yes, we will need all the help we can get for the benefit of all and the only rule we have so far is, "Nobody has to do anything." With some good comments (suggestions) the first big project on the agenda will be to get people interested in line dancing and partner dancing and eventually having a Saturday night hoedown at the Wai'anae District Park. A Natural.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

These posters came from Information Contributors willing to share with
their fellow dancers, the Real Bloggers. I am just the mechanic.

Waianae District Park has one of the most beautiful dance floors in West Oahu but from the records, it has never been used for dancing. Nice? Many of us would like to see people dancing on the Wai'anae Coast and the previous agendas have not been engraved on stone. With time and help from others it will form by itself into something worthwhile. Yes, I know blogging is something completely new to Oahu but it will not be for long.

"Social Dancers do not need the promise of heaven to see the merit in a good deed."

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Jewel of West Oahu

I had nice day working on my blogs and getting ready for the shindig in Waipahu. I got everything ready except the extra batteries. And since I forgot to call the Handi Van the day before, I decided to take the bus. The Handi Van people are very nice and I appreciate, however if I can do without bothering them, I will. Arrived at about six and plenty people there already. Kibitzing, drinking refreshments and dancing, and the Villanuevas sure have nice music on their speaker system. Today Sunday I got some terrific pictures from Marie Laderta,  more than enough for two collages. I had planned on publishing on Monday but now with all these beautiful pictures from Marie I decided to make this blog based on only Marie's photos.

Notes from Marie on the photos.

A Mid-Summer's Night Dance @ the Jewel of West Oahu, Dance Appeal. -- USA Dance Honolulu President Glenn Okazaki & wife Tracy, Dance Magic Reps Larry Arinaga & Stephanie Shimizu, with friends the Ladertas, and Tan Yan Chen. -- Dance Appeal Keikis
& youth dancer strut their stuff. -- Leland and Maile Yagi -- The Iconic Godfather of
Hawaii Ballroom, Geoffrey Fells. -- Renna & Sergio Villanueva, the proud owners. -- Tommy Theresa Tomimbang, top Argentine Tango dancers. -- Dance Appeal
Instructor Kalei with student Barbara. -- Sergio Villanueva with student
striking a line figure. --David Matsumoto with partner Barbara. -- Fil & Elvie

Saw some old friends which of course made me happy and then I met some new ones which gave me the feeling that I was in the company of class people. The entire place is going to be liked and they are going to get much business just because they like the way the place looks. Terrific. Made some connection about the photos but nothing definite.

I will publish this blog today, Sunday and another later with any other photos that are emailed and also the ones I took. They reader/dancers, our friends, are going to like this place and this blog and maybe a little later, will contribute a little some thing to share with our fellow dancers. Comments, Comments, Comments are welcomed.

"Social Dancers don't just dance. They perform, they breathe and enjoy moving
to their favorite music and letting the rest of the world go by."

Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Hawaii Dance

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club at Hale Hookipa Room in the Wahiawa Recreation Center. I thought the Handi Van was getting me there too early, but it was they best they could do and I don't complain. I got there before seven and there were over a dozen people there already making preparations for the party. Maile doing two or three things at once. So many nice people, many who I hadn't seen in a while. Unfortunately I cannot dance so I do not have the opportunity to mingle as before. I do the best I can, I enjoy the company, the music and watching people enjoy themselves dancing.

I was able get a starter photo taker to begin using my other camera. Gradually I got help from other people. Terrific, I was hoping to get two nine picture collages but it turned out to be more than that. Thanks to our good photo takers, I hope they know they are appreciated. I got the best according to my criteria. The poster said 7:30 but by that time they had a good crowd and that terrific music by Leland was sounding and just asking people to dance.

"Happy to be here with our friends tonight for the WBDC monthly dance. One way
of getting to see everybody between our busy schedules. Our thanks to Joe
for always supporting the club. It was great to see you all again."
Arthur and Lisa Apilado 

They had the welcoming announcement by the President and followed by the ring of prayer which went all very nicely, the music began and so the line up for the Kau Kau line. It looked good to me, but of course I did not really know until I got home with the goodies that Maile gave me. Turning out that the best meals I have had this year, for sure, are the ones I have gotten from WBDC.

"Some of the best dancing at the Wahiawa Ballroom Dance tonight
with friends, Simon Escano, Greg and Aida Archeta"
Leo and Virgie Corcino

Eating and pleasant conversation took place for about a half hour, Then the music seemed to start in earnest and dancers know what to do with that. Some people were still coming in and greetings were all around. By the time every one was through eating, you could see that the crowd was turning out to be first class. There are some terrific dancers here. Of course, I am a hard grader and would not give them a ten. How about a 9.9?

"Hi, it's nice to see so many dancers tonight. Love the other dance clubs
come out and enjoy the music and dancing with us."
D. Preza, President

I left at five minutes to nine, but no signs of the Handi Van. I went outside, and walked around. (good exercise) and the Van arrived about 9:10, had one stop to make on the way in but nobody there, got home before ten pm. Not bad and sat down to a delicious supper. Thanks Maile and everyone at Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.

"Social Dancers believe that there are things that the heart thinks of that
only the body understands and that is why we dance.”

Thursday, August 3, 2017

West Oahu Weekend

It looks very nice for all the folks living in West Oahu and we may even get many coming from the North Shore. Friday night looks very tempting with Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club having their "My Hawaii Dance" at the Wahiawa Recreation Park.

Then we have the up and coming Dance Appeal Studio having a social at the Waipahu Medical Center on Saturday night. And what is good about it is, they are working together and not tearing each other apart. Now we got social dancing and social dancers. This is West Oahu.

"The true nature of all wealth is so temporary that those who have wealth
should here and now do good deeds that will live for a long time."

Then  we have the possible Information Contributors and every one of them has a different point of view. What you saw is not the same thing he saw or she saw. That is the value in a nutshell. You can contribute a paragraph or two on what you saw in the dance scene that could be of interest to the reader/dancers of any blog. These would be good steps in the direction of Social Media, which is the intent for all our blogs. And we will be on our way to making one of these blogs the first of the independents.

"Everybody Plays The Fool" by Amy Hanaialii

Our picture taking for social dances is getting better all the time. The photographers for our blogs are realizing that three people are better than two in a photo. And four people are better than three. but fifteen people are not better than fourteen. And the photo takers will make the final decisions. I take two cameras because slowly I can take photos of the dance floor. However, people posing is very difficult. Anybody that can push the button out there can help.

"Dance the dance you dance. Don't dance the dance that people who dance, dance."


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dance Appeal Studio

West Oahu social dancing is really moving now that Dance Appeal Studio is in Waipahu. We often see these people with earplugs in their ears, moving to the music. Then they stop when they realize that other people are looking at them kinda funny. We all understand that, the body wants to move, no hu hu. But all of us know that we have music and dance in West Oahu as well as anywhere else. And it is gonna get bettah.

"Sabor A Mi" por Luis Miguel

Message from Sergio and Renna:
E Komo Mai.

Dance Appeal is blessed with a new
Home. Please come and partake
of our fellowship in dancing.

Sergio & Renna

I only know about Dance Appeal from Marie Laderta and her husband Paul who are fans of the ballroom dance scene. Their contributed information and photos has run up the hits on Platinum Horseshoe to second place just behind Town Dancer, the all time champs.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Additional information contributed by Marie. Here is the address of the new Dance Appeal Studio: 94-307 Farrington Hwy, in the Waipahu Medical Center Unit A11. (It is across from Max of Manila) Cost of the Social : $15, payable at the door. Price includes light snack, punch & water. There will be a hootin tootin time in Waipahu, that's for sure.

Waipahu has been a little dizzy in this century, but with this Dance Studio there is already a little more stability in the dance scene. Imagine owning a fun and financially rewarding business teaching people how to dance. While people have always loved to dance, an increasing number are enrolling in dance classes thanks to the popularity of television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars. There may be a benefit from this for teachers who may have the luxury and freedom of creating the type of dance business they want and the students want. Waipahu is the perfect place for it.

"Social Dancers do their good deeds with intention not for attention."

Good Week Coming Up

The good results from the blog on the Dance Appeal Studio in Waipahu, and the two very good upcoming events this week makes this blog very hot. It just may overtake the famous number one runner in Hawaii, "Town Dancer." Just got the very neat poster from Aunty Maile and that social in Wahiawa on Friday, the 4th, looks like a winner.

I plan on getting the Handi Van to get me there and back. However I am still limited physically. I will be taking two point and shoot cameras (simple ones) and I can take the dance floor shots on my camera. I don't have to hurry. However I have difficulty taking a photo where people pose. Therefore I can pass the other camera around and anyone can use it to get a few photos into the blog write up of the social.

"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" by Amy Hanaialii

Then on Saturday, the 5th, I expect to go to Dance Appeal Studio Social and do the same thing, blog'em. Most of the information that I get is from someone else, so I am merely the mechanic. I cannot get a job because I am too old but I can do this and I enjoy it.

"Crazy It Seems" by Willie K

We are getting comments but most have been from Anonymous and more than half of those are spam. So we move slowly. Some have told me that they do not know how to comment. But I just say read it and follow the directions, or ask someone. It is quite simple.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

If you do not want to use your name, use a pen name and better if you make it the same one each time. Of course, it is subject for moderation. I have the final say so, yes or no. As I have mentioned before, many I have to mark as spam and they are not published. But that is a good entry level of opinion sharing. Just a word, "fine" or "lousy" will do, but it still an opinion. Later on you will want to add a few more words and there you go.You may choose to become an information contributor.

"Social Dancers can readily see that some in our crowd were born to sparkle and
some worked at it to arrive there - we can applaud them all."

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Tea Dance

In spite of the Present Rail Party, Kapolei is developing into Second City. No need for the Rail Catastrophe and the Millions and Millions of dollars those people are making daily. Many people from the Waianae Coast work in Campbell Industrial Park and also in the large shopping area developing in Kapolei. Yes we all know that new business parks have been voted down by the Present Rail Party. There is also an increasing number of workers coming from as far as Aiea.

“Social Dancers know the importance of those moments in movement to music
and make those moments important, vital, and worth living." 

Could there be others? From the Central Valley, of course, and the idea would catch on fast when they have enough jobs and most people want to avoid working in town. Second City? The net result would be that the new Wednesday Pau Hana dance would be packed. The West version of the tea dance would unfortunately include mainly office or workers in sales simple because they are already dressed. The music would start right after work at 5:00 pm. Drinks, including a large array of juices would be available. And small snacks that you can pick up with chopsticks, among them steak and lobster.

"My Isle Of Golden Dreams" by Melveen Leed

Of course, 100% of the attendees would be social dancers. Ordinary run of the mill social dancers. The kind that are accustomed to dancing with each other and enjoy dancing to their favorite music. And they would be having the opportunity of breaking the week in half and having a nice evening that would pau at nine. The nice pleasant drive home with less traffic, and they can knock off to sleep early and easily because they have had some good exercise. They wake up the next morning and only have two days before the week end. You want something more perfect than that?

"Developing dancing for the masses, not the classes."

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Beginners Scene

Most of the peripherals are in town, Country, Line, Tango, Salsa, Swing, and they can get pretty technical on the Turning rocks, not to mention the Internationals. Wow, you should read some of the material on Turning Rocks. Gawd! Little of it for the real use of Social Dancers. But most social dancers know that they can move as they wish as long as they are in rhythm. So if they wish to move in any other degree off the forward or backward or sideways, they feel they can do it. Most social dancers use the KISS method. (keep it simple, stupid)

“Social Dancers know that is kind of fitting when you think about it. If we danced
and shared music with everyone, we'd be too busy enjoying life to start a war.”

And fortunately that on Oahu, the Ladies are marvels at following the leaders. In Latin dancing the Rock step and the break step may be used interchangeably but generally the leader starts (breaks) on the accented beat of the music wherever it may occur and the rest is gingerbread. Platinum Horseshoe blog is getting much activity from the search engines which is nice. Of course I am still experimenting. I have made too few requirements to get them into the search engines. Your comments is what will do it.

"Easy Little Baby" by Willie K

For now the easiest is to get on any other of our blogs and click the link. - Question: Is Social Dancing the same as Cultural Dancing? - There were at one time dozens of free local papers about places to dance. They even had web sites covering dance but now the blogs are taking over full force. One can find every kind of dance and style being done somewhere. On Oahu, we have been very fortunate, you wanna dance? Dis da place!

"Social Dancers accept that gossip may be carried by haters,
spread by fools and believed by idiots."

Monday, July 17, 2017

Japanese Anime

This is real feedback. This a very good example of sharing our particular kind of dance news with our readers and fellow dancers. First I receive a nice Email from Marie Laderta.

To: Pepe  Sent: Saturday, 15 July 2017
Subject: Welcome to
Japanese Anime takes Ballroom dancing
to a new audience.

Check it out:

Welcome to the Ballroom - Japanese ANIME

Marie Laderta <>

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

On Jul 16, 2017 10:54 AM, "Joseph Martel" <> response:

That Japanese Anime is very nice. I will be working on tomorrow's Platinum Horseshoe blog. May I share your goodies for our readers and fellow dancers? Regards to all the nice people out there and Mahalo. Pepe

To Pepe from Marie

Yes, of course. Please share with the readers. I think it's interesting that ballroom dancing is now the subject for Japanese Anime, which means that it is getting exposed to a younger and more digital audience .... Ballroom dancing has been a significantly revered and promoted recreation in Japan for many years. I note this from gleaning the history of the Blackpool results - surprised to see quite a lot of Japanese contenders and Champions over the years.

First it was the movie medium. You remember the iconic film, "Shall We Dance?" That film related ballroom to everyday life, made it something a regular person can reach for - not a privileged activity just for specially trained athletes. And now today, we have anime. I think that's great.

By all means, put it out there and share.


"Social Dancers let their good deeds be like rain. drop a little here and there."

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Magnificent West Oahu

The highest priced real estate is now definitely in East Oahu. Those people make it a point that they are much different than us ordinary folk. And we must concur, they sure as hell ain't us. I have no idea what they are going to do in social dancing if anything. But we sure as hell are going to know what is happening in our every day social dance environment on Oahu.

"Social Dancers are so fortunate that everyday they hear music
that makes them want to move to it."

Received an Email from Marie Laderta:
Poster From Renna. Studio Social @ the new Dance Appeal studio. This is for ALL FRIDAYS in the month of July. FYI. Just helping get the word out.

I hope other people can see that Marie is doing a terrific job of helping the dance scene around her. You can do the same and become an information contributor. No commitments just share the dance information when you wish. And you can get to pick the blog of your choice. She also contributes photos and that really helps to balance the text and makes a nice blog. I hope some day she will have the time to become a Guest Blogger. Our blogs do not have advertising but we do try to communicate what's doin' in our dance scene to our readers and fellow dancers.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

By Linda Chen, Lualualei
Remember that "a dance" is different from an "occasion" where there is dancing. At a "dance" function the intent is simply — to dance up a storm and have fun. This means much more physical activity (a hot time in the old town tonight.) Summer weight clothing is always appropriate at dances. No one appreciates "the long arm of the Lindy" whupped in or around their face or a fighter pilot Quickstepper flying by inches from the unsuspecting.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Remember you can’t go wrong being kind, courteous and unselfish on the dance floor. If your soul is urging you to freedom, talk to any instructor about doing a demonstration or routine — you’ll get the whole floor to yourself. Stationary dancers and slow movers belong in the center of the floor (the eye of the hurricane,) fast flyers belong on the far outside in the fast lanes. Just like entering the freeway, interrupting the flow of traffic is not wise or appreciated. "Yield the right-of-way when entering traffic on the dance floor."

"Social Dancers know that small deeds done are better than great deeds planned."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The clues are coming very nicely. And if is definitely not true that when you read a blog you have read them all. Because they are written by individuals with their own personal opinion and they all differ. With enough blogs you can better your working on your own blog or even your own Web site. And our aim is to have our blogs as a good example of Social Media. An additional aim for me is to get rid of my best blog.

"Social dancers know that they can either sing and dance, or help create
an environment in which singers and dancers flourish."

Social Media is enhanced by feedback. In our case, the comments at the end of blog are number one. Anyone in our dance environment can building their own profile – leaving a comment gets you seen. Leaving a good comment can make people pay a little attention Sharing what you know or the dance experience that you have can help build your credibility and you will find the other dancers will appreciate it, whether they agree or not. Needless to say, anonymous is not acceptable.

"Walk Through Paradise With Me" by Melveen Leed

From there you may want to go to bigger things. And email a paragraph or two and perhaps a few photos that can involve into a full blog. You have all seen the wonderful results from Aunty Maile, Deanie and Marie. Once you become accustomed to seeing your writing in print for our dance public, you can be thinking of becoming a Guest Blogger. All up to you. You can get in, write, insert photos, save it, publish it and even delete it and get out. Whatever you wish and you don't have to say boo to anyone. In effect, you have your own blog within a blog, with ready made readers.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Two or three Guest Bloggers, the hits would go through the ceiling and get to be the number one blog. It would be ready to go independent from me. I could make preparations to resign and it would belong to the Guest Bloggers.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

WBDC 4th of July Fest

I couldn't make it to the beautiful shindig in Wahiawa, but got some news from Aunty Maile. 


To Joseph Martel

I'm so sorry to hear that Joe. I hope everything becomes much better for you. The dance was really enjoyed by all. Another successful event once again. Here are some pictures to share with you.

WBDC's, Stars and Stripes, Red, White, and Blue Dance 2017, was an absolute hit! Everyone not only came to dance their hearts out, but to celebrate their patriotism with the smashing colors of red, white, and blue, proudly wearing stars and stripes galore! WBDC gave each lady, a red white and blue rose and festive shiney streamers to wear on their hair. Patriotic tattoos were also given out to get in that mood of the celebration. Thanks to Pauline Kim and Maile Yagi for donating the favors.

From Top left: Missing, Dance Floor, Rod and Rose Sabug

Lisa and Art Apilado, Dance Floor, Mr. and Mrs. Kebker, their mom visiting from the mainland, and WBDC instructer, Felipe Repollo.

Art and Joan Oda, Margaret Okimoto, and Vicky Hiramoto. Dance Floor, President Deanie Bates Burgess of the Aiea Ballroom Dance Association and Music Director, Burt

"Stranger In Paradise by Tony Bennett

The evening was filled with laughter and camaraderie. We danced continuously, only to stop shortly for a delicious potluck dinner filled with the best foods and deserts. Ballroom dancers as well as line dancers had their fill of dancing, while WBDC's fabulous DJ, "Leland Yagi", played his awesome array of music! The evening was filled with dancing, happy moments of laughter, good food, good times.

"What A Wonderful World" by Bruddah Iz

President Daniel Preza also went up to the microphone and took a moment of appreciation and recognition, to honor our military and veterans, as everybody cheered and clapped! We ended the evening with the Electric Slide and after that, all stood in silence with hands over hearts, as the national anthem played on. Yes, it was another dance in Wahiawa that not only accommodated the people with wonderful music, food, and dance, but deeper than that, was the touching of the hearts and minds.

"Social Dancers know that kind words and good deeds are eternal.
We will never know where their influence ends."

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Jewel of West Oahu

Received the most beautiful dance information in quite some time from Marie Laderta. I hope to write it up nice. Comments will be accepted of course.

"We will continue to hope and build instead of destroy in our Dance Scene."

My side hobby is making posters. So, I am not an expert.


Mood lighting in the main ballroom. - The Villanuevas with Geoffrey Fells,
Grandson Kyle & girlfriend, Supporters Geri Takayama, Paul Laderta, and
Dance Appeal Instructor Kalei. - Dance Appeal Instructors
Faith (Renna's daughter) and Kalei, on the dance floor.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Celebrating a new Studio on the Leeward Side: Supporters - Sergio Villanueva
with Lynn & Ted Soldaria, & Supporter, Marie Laderta. - Ceiling of the
main Ballroom @ Dance Appeal.

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action
towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music.
Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”