Saturday, January 7, 2017


Foxtantino is a new fusion dance on the Mainland that connects the Ballroom American and International styles of Foxtrot to Argentine Tango. This dance was designed specifically for the young, who are always looking for something new.  It uses the teaching methods, technique and language of the ballroom dances so Foxtantino is easy for Ballroom dancers to learn and dance with each other. The teachers will make millions as per usual.

"Tango is really a combination of many cultures beginning
with the Milonga in Peru, though the music has
become the national music of Argentina."

The more experienced social dancers are intrigued and fascinated with Argentine Tango, but, many do not want to give up their dance frame, their Ballroom culture and/or acquire new music appreciation skills and fully enter into the elite Argentine Tango community. Foxtantino provides Ballroom dancers the fun and excitement of Argentine Tango while keeping to the style of dancing with which they are familiar.

"Arancame La Vida" by Libertad Lamarque 

Unfortunately there are so many different opinions of the aficionados of Tango music through the world. There are nine different tangos dance in Argentina alone. We have four in Hawaii. The American, the Argentine, the International and the Filipino. I personally think there will evolve a new Tango on Oahu, the Hawaiian Tango, with the amalgamation of the Filipino Tango and the American Tango. How about that?

"I love Tango and I use to dance it when I was young." Pope Francis