Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Dance Enchilada

The entire enchilada (our blogosphere) is looking very good. There are fewer sudden swings either up or down. Mainly it is now a slow plodding up and some slower than others. And then there is the interference by the scam, spam, robot hits. There have been signs of the law of diminishing returns with only me and the few Two Centers we are fortunate to have.

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough
to make them all yourself."

Over all, we are doing quite well in establishing Social Media for our Dance Environment. Unfortunately, I am the only one, and not famous like other successful bloggers. This happening is solid, slow phasing and has never been overnight. Comments, we don't get, but they should be first and foremost because they are the easiest for the readers to handle. Also the easiest place for anyone to test themselves.

"Sh-Boom, (Life Could Be A Dream)" By the Chordettes 

One sentence could lead to two, and perhaps more. They could then elect to be Two Centers (Information Contributors) emailing the information/or photos to be published Each Two Center has their own unique viewpoint. No one else has it and you can share it with the reader/dancers on this or any other blog. Town Dancer could be back up on top.

"Que Sera, Sera" by Doris Day

The problem has existed from the very beginning. Newsletters were one way communication. All advertising is one way communication. Blogs are Social Media and that implies, two way communication. I think it is green and you think it is blue. (another opinion) Ha! Robert just told me that it is purple. We don't have to kill each for the differences, they just come out in the pudding and we can have a good laugh.

At the Hawaii Blood Bank: Haole asking the guy on the next cot. “Are you full
blooded Hawaiian? “Well, actually no, right now I am about a pint low.”