Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Waipio is a census-designated place in the Central Valley of Oahu. In Hawaiian, wai pio means "curved water". There are about 12000 residents, consisting of 55% Asian, 22% Mixed, 14% White and the rest Pacific Islanders, Latinos and other races. The population is spread out with about 45% under 30 and about 55% who were over - good potential dancers. The median age was 34 years and the total residents are very evenly divided between males and females.

“Ballroom dancing is inherently social, but steps replace words
and beats ironed out pauses. The shy and the awkward find
a home where good rhythm and a little memory have
vanquished their shyness and awkwardness.”

Do you want to broaden your horizon, share your dance culture and what you have learned dancing and perhaps show people that there can be a better life for everyone? Become an Information Contributor for the Platinum Horseshoe blog. Perhaps you can eventually phase over into being a Guest Author. No commitments, entirely up to you. No monthly or annual meetings. No annual fees or monthly dues and no monthly meetings. And you only write when you damn well please. Yes we are very strict.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

This is as good a name as any, but for sure when they have their own Lounge, they will have their own name. Waipio is the southern point of what is going be known as the big three of the Valley. The business parks are key but gonna be tough with Present Rail Party wanting everyone to work in Honolulu. Something about the Agriculture lands which have not been used for Agriculture in the last 10000 years. Right now you can make it in less than an hour to downtown Honolulu. With "Rapid Transit" it will take two hours transferring several times. But the Fat Cats are making millions and millions of dollars right now, easy money. And there is more where that came from. He He.

"Waialua Sky" by The Krush

There is still not enough dance action in the Platinum Horseshoe. Our two key dance clubs are the sister clubs, Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association. Many others hesitate to give us the time of day. Though we do get a few emails now and then. This section needs more business parks where more residents can get back home from the job in 20 minutes. They have plenty of Bars, but we are looking for just the right one, one big enough to install a good size dance floor, then you have a Night Club.

"To live may be one of the rarest things on earth,
most people just exist, that is all."