Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aiea Ballroom Coming Up

I must prepare for this anniversary dance on Saturday at the famous Palladium. I will take my camera but I have fumbleites of the hands so I need help from our fellow dancers. I got some nice help at the Helamano Plantation, I got my two collages of nine photos each and had three others left over for the second blog in Blogging Hawaii. I did not get any additional photos emailed to me. They probably have other places to share their photos. To each his own.

"Social Dancers do not demand perfection, but
many insist on continual improvement." 

I can usually flesh the photos in with text to balance the blog. And I try to get others that were there to comment, an opinion of a few lines which helps to make the blog Social Media. I dance a little but I get dizzy and I am afraid of falling. I have not fallen in over a year. I am still in the process of developing the best format. We must give the readers what they want, so we learn everyday.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

As an addition help, I try to take 3 or 5 computer storage media of discs or usb to give away to someone that might be able to see the value. Then I copy some of my song videos into the media and it is all digital. Computer Only. Cannot be played on a CD or DVD player. However you do not need any special programs to copy this. It can be copied using the ordinary copy functions on your computer or to any other computer.

"Social dancers don't just dance, they perform and they breathe.
They watch the world disappear, release their feelings
and lead with their hearts."