Saturday, April 8, 2017

Coming Up

For social dancers on Oahu, it looks like the entire year will be a good one. Two of the oldest social dance clubs in Hawaii celebrate anniversaries. Wahiawa Ballroom Dance club, 48th on the 15th, at Halemano Plantation and Aiea Ballroom Dance Association, 62nd on the 22nd at the famous Palladium. I have been invited to both. I will go, God willing, get some photos, items of interest from the attendees to their fellow dancers and blog'em. The hits will go through the roof and many hits will be coming from the neighbor islands.

"The moment in between what we once were, and who we are
now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place."

"I Remember You" by Don Ho"

"The great object of the institution of social dance clubs
is the improvement of appreciation of dancing by all
the dancers who are parties to the social compact."

In Hawaii, in the 1950s, there was some street dancing and mostly local style. With the introduction of Aiea Ballroom Dance Association, two basic variations became popular: American Smooth and American Rhythm, which included elements of the International Style of dance. And had become known as the American Style. This in turn has slowly modified itself into a slightly different form that is in process today. The "Social Dance" which is danced very comfortably where there is an independence from either the American or the International.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Brudda Iz

I have gone to socials of dance clubs that have been predominant in American Style and their disk jockeys can play some of the most delightful Salsa and Bachata music on this island, Those people are dancers and lovers of good music and no one is laying down any rules about keeping it American or whatevah. Of course we still gotta keep on the lookout for Trump. He don't like this and he is going to lie about us as he does about everything else.

"I'll Remember You" by Jimmy Borges