Sunday, April 16, 2017

Party at Helemano Plantation

Many things to do on Saturday, among them an appointment with my Doctor at the VA at 11 am. Her office called and cancelled because the Doctor was not feeling well. Made my day a little easier and I got most of my stuff ready for the big party in the evening at the Helemano Plantation. And the Handi Van picked me up early and got me to the Anniversary Party by six.

A bunch of nice people by then, and more were coming in. I was very careful and took a couple of pictures of the hall to make sure my camera was working then got the first person I saw and explained what I needed. My hands fumble which was the original excuse, but the results have been much different. Instead of being limited to only "my people," it has become more diverse. Five different photographers can make for a larger group of attendees included in the blogs.

The kau kau line began shortly after and after they sat down and started eating, it looked like they were enjoying their grinds. There were some people still snacking an hour later. Cannot blame them the food was Ono. I was fortunate to get some from Maile to take home since my teeth do not allow me to eat there yet. When I got home, it was some of the best food I have eaten all year. Thank you, Maile. 

The music was terrific as per usual, Leland certainly knows how to lay it down. After dinner the first was the line dancing and this getting be pretty standard in all social dancing. Using the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid) they can do very well and it is part of the fun. It could be enjoyed by more men and make it more social. I heard a old Beatles song in Rumba rhythm and it was terrific, the floor was packed. I even was lucky enough to have a few dances, though a few times I felt a little dizzy and I must be careful.

"Sabor A Mi" by Luis Miguel

Hope to get more pictures and part two will continue in the Town Dancer blog of tomorrow. This party was one terrific festive occasion. I will be getting emails from the neighbor islands. They like what we do here and I am willing to share with our fellow dancers.

"Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another."