Friday, April 28, 2017

West Oahu Is Getting There.

This blog is still leading the rest but not good enough. First we need more feedback. And that begins with comments at the end of every blog. We have never been accustomed to that in Hawaii, so it is understandable. From there it would be relatively easy to become an information contributor (a Two Center.) This may in turn lead into being a Guest Author, any time you want it, having your own blog within the blog.

Celebrate your life. Don't save anything for a special occasion.
Dream what you want to dream. Life is always a special occasion.

We must give a voice to those without one, a change of life, a new viewpoint. Broaden their own horizons, share their dance culture and whatever they have learned and try to show their fellow reader/dancers there can be a better life in social cultural dance for everybody. A couple guest authors and the hits will go through the roof and we can plan my resignation. The Blog will become an independent entity.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Probably in Kapolei if they can hold off the Present Rail Party
We know that our blog may not for everyone but we should also know that we are missing a lot of good readers. Just need to present a "different" viewpoint. Clones we don't need and we will probably get someone that lives in the territory. This section of town will be long known for their good knowledge of dancing. Not there yet? No worry, we have a long and merry way to slide.

"Most Social Dancers know that whoever is trying to
bring them down is already below them."