Monday, May 29, 2017


By Sandra Wang, Waikele
Waikele is a master planned community on the Leeward side of Oahu that was developed by the Amfac Corporation back in 1991. So it has only been about 26 years in its evolution. This development project began with the construction of two multi-family complexes and one single -family subdivision. Today more than half of its residents have been born there so many may already feel Waikelians.

Blogger's Law Number 41D:
 "When blogging at home, the lighter the rug the more apt a dropped
peanut butter and jelly sandwich will land face down."

Today, the Waikele Community Association stands as one of the premier planned bedroom communities in the State of Hawaii. Waikele now has 12 multi-family town home complexes and 9 single-family subdivisions. In addition to these 2937 homes, the Waikele community also has two privately owned shopping centers, a fire station, elementary school, championship golf course, and two parks which are maintained by the City and County of Honolulu. Sadly, only one industrial park in the area was ever planned but voted down by the Present Rail Party. And "I coulda been home in twenty minutes."

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Waikele is well known for its lush green landscaping and the 58 natural gas lamps that are displayed at the entrances of Lumiaina and Lumiauau Street. The shopping center is one of the most beautiful and best designed on this Island. However, the most distinct signature feature of this award winning community is the "lollipop" shaped banyan trees that line the boundary with Kamehameha Highway. Everybody groans that there is no sign of any Community Center where there could exist the possibility of social dancing. But not much hope because every bit of city money has go for the Rail Disaster.

"Social Dancers eventually realize that mistakes are made
for learning not repeating."

Pub's Side Note: Any dance news from Waikele, please email and I will  post and share it with our reader/dancers and we will all be happy.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


This blog has proved most amazing even with all the search engine hits and the scam spam robot hits goofing up my stats. This blog averages over 100 hits per day, equivalent to 3000 hits per month. Of course, I have lost contact with three of my most important dance groups and the hits are already slowing down. My counters are not 100% accurate but good enough to tell me when I am just beating my gums.  I know where I am at. Meanwhile, I must beat the bushes and look around. You want to communicate to West Oahu? Dis Da Place.

"Live life fully while you are here - Experience everything - Take care of your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird - Go out and screw up. You are going to do it anyway - you might as well enjoy it. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, find the causes and eliminate them. Don't try to be perfect - just be a good example of being human."

Understanding of blogging in our dance scene is coming to light. The announcements in our publications are a very small part of any communication. The larger part is what happened at your function and the accompanying photos that are included in the blog. And a photo album is not necessary for our readers. Then comes the Night Club dance locations in West Oahu that would realize the same advantage. Of course we have the entire section all the way to Makaha and including the North Shore to help.

"Nanakuli Blues" by Don Ho

The reader/dancers are going through some eye-opening territory, music, of course, which is the basis of all dance plus the very basic, basic moves in any dance. Gradually, as the readership of our blogosphere increases, there may be new definitions forming out in our blogging dance world. There are many dance groups that are not included at present but no offense intended. Ethnic dancing is appreciated by us but not ordinarily included in our kuleana. The young with their ever increasing new moves and dances are minimized but it has been their choice for centuries.

"Social Dancers may dance just to feel good - they may dance to feel better - they may dance to mend a broken heart - or they may just dance."

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dance? Anyone?

Social Dancing by Patrick Young, Waianae:
Most of us are social dancers on this island of Oahu. In order to be effective sociable dancers we learn to connect with our partners. Good leaders and good follows know how to make all of their dance partners feel good and the secret to their craft is that rather than take the "Correct Way" approach to dancing they modify and adapt to the dancing styles of those that they dance with. Humility, kindness, respect and consideration for all others are the virtues of any consummate sociable dancer. And you both want to enjoy moving to the beautiful music.

"Social Dancers know that life is not measured by the breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away."

Social dancing is being able to have a joyful dance conversation with your partner on the dance floor, it is a dialogue, not a monologue, and most definitely it is not about self indulgence or one's ego. It is not about seeking perfection from others because we are not perfect. So social dancing is more about exclusivity and participation. Both men and women look forward to dancing with sociable dancers as they are fun to dance with. We can learn many things in a social dance club or a dance studio.

These are the true ambassadors of social dancing and if you ever stopped to notice, they are the most popular and sought after dancers. Thus the key to social dancing is quite simple, as long as people you dance with are doing it safely, enjoy what you can and forget about what is right or wrong. Most importantly unless you are complimenting your dance partner or have something good to say, keep the so called helpful tips and editorial comments to a minimum.

If you are one who cannot dance with someone unless they have a firm grasp of the dance and are precise and perfect then it would be wiser to bring your own exclusive dance partner to dance with. Don't bother the majority of the dancers at clubs that are there just to have fun for the evening and are not seriously interested in learning to become an exhibition dancer, in fact it is very rare to find a dancer that knows all of the popular club dance styles and there are classes to take if people are truly interested in learning how to dance a certain style.

New sign at the Trump Office in the White House.
The New Golden Rule: "Whoever has the Gold makes the rules."

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Town Crier

Prior to the advent of literacy, town criers were the means of communication with the people of the town since many people could not read or write. Proclamations, local bylaws, market days, advertising, were all proclaimed by a bellman or crier. The town crier could also be used to make public announcements in the streets.

"Social Dancers do not really care if you cannot dance well,
just get up, move to that beautiful music, you'll dance."

Criers often dress elaborately, by a tradition dating to the 18th century, in a red and gold coat, white breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat. They carried a hand bell to attract people's attention, as they shouted the words "Hear Ye." Criers were not always men, many town criers were women. Bells were not the only attention getting device - in the Netherlands, a gong was the instrument of choice for many, and in France a drum was used, or a hunting horn.

"Vaya Con Dios" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

In 1690, the first colonial newspaper in America, Publick Occurrences, was printed by Richard Pierce and edited by Benjamin Harris in Boston. This was the first true multi-page colonial newspaper. However, it was suppressed after its first edition by the British governor. America's first continuously-published newspaper, the Boston News-Letter was published on April 24, 1704. John Campbell, a bookseller and postmaster of Boston, was its first editor, printing the newspaper on what was then referred to as a half-sheet.

"Young At Heart"
by Frank Sinatra

James and younger brother Ben Franklin began publishing the Courant in Boston in 1721 The Courant was soon considered controversial, and James was imprisoned for four weeks in 1722 for writing "scandalous libel". The paper was suppressed in 1727 and they left Boston in the same year. Ben Franklin went on to become a great publisher. Fifty years later, it was included in the first amendment of the new constitution of the United States, "Freedom Of The Press." And now in process of being modified by the Trump republicans.

"Social Dancers in a social dance environment do not
take suggestions as an insult."

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Plowing Ahead Slowly

This blog is still number one plowing ahead slowly but steadily. The hits are coming in solid, over a hundred average per day and still mainly on Oahu. Though we are losing many of the scam, spam robot hits, everything else looks good. We get a few comments which is good but we need many more, independent opinions. And opinions are like noses, every one has got one and all different. Hey, that's it!

"Social Dancers know that truest expression of the dancers on Oahu
is in their music and their dance."

Yes we hear the news of how Trump and his fellow crooks stole the Presidency of the United States. But it has been pointed out repeatedly, he did not. He bought it and paid cash on the barrel head, cost him millions, together with the help of his billionaire buddies. Those people are accustomed to buying anything they wish. You don't think they did it for their health, do you? He He. From an old republican acquaintance: "We had it rough too. Some of my kids were still riding around in last year's Mercedes." - Hey, now that is rough!

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

Platinum Horseshoe has inherited the territory and has to do the best it can with it and try to get some help. We will not push anyone, we offer the platform, then it is up to them. Dance blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, helping our fellow dancers and putting what you have into it. Blogging is using a new medium for what it is good for, connecting and interacting.

"Moloka'i Waltz
by Amy Hanaialii

Meanwhile we are getting a few sparks from the Waianae Coast and the North Shore. You got a new dance group? Let me know and I will blog'em. Many trying to get out of that Honolulu quagmire. And the traffic problem is due to get worse. Everyone seems to know it but no one can do anything about. "The Gravy Train" is Numbah One. Easy Money! Millions and Millions of dollars being made daily. And there is more where that came from.

Just read the latest on old Russian dancing. "It consists of folding
one's arms over the chest and running while sitting down." 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Line Dancing in West Oahu

by Franklin Yamasaki, Nanakuli

Sick to death of indoor cycling? Bored to tears with the Stair Climber? Or the walker looking at TV? Oh Boy! Try Line Dancing No need partner and you can find a beginner’s class fairly easy in West Oahu. Then in your own home, you can make your own fitness program with your own music. Some call it practice but you are just having fun and enjoying life. Line dancing out on the town you will meet new friends and of course there is the main feature of the whole thing, the joy of moving to your favorite music and among your friends.

"A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from
changing the world to sharing your shopping list.
Your blog is an unedited version of yourself."

Most of us know that moving to music is not an unnatural function. You can see it any day of the week, some person, usually young, with a wire to their ear, finding themselves moving and then stopping when they think they may look crazy. They will be trying hard not to move but they know the body is calling. It has been there since the beginning of time or at least from the time music began. Nothing strange about it.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

In line dancing your ear becomes accustomed to the same music that is danced in most social dance venues. You learn the rhythm and the timing of Smooth and Rhythm dances, you develop your own style of movement, that's it. You can let yourself go and move to this same music but in the prescribed social and accepted manner of partner dancing. What could be more natural than to gravitate slowly into Social Dancing for the fun of partner dancing?

"Morning Dew" by Bruddah Iz

Most of the basic moves in partner dancing have been there for a few centuries and you don't have to do any of them in too precise a manner. In social dancing  the differences in dancing can be appreciated. Adjudicators will not be there in an official capacity. And men: You will be overwhelmed with the ratio of women to men. But don't feel intimidated, the mix is very acceptable to most. And, you will meet some of the best ladies on this island. And of course, you can convince your buddies to join you in part of the good life.

"Social Dancers know that our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Web Sites

There is a difference between a Web Site and a Blog Site.

But then everybody seems to know that they may be quite different. Of course, we do not want clones.  Web sites are older and more stable than Blog sites and many are very different from each other. Nothing wrong there and they have very pertinent information which does not require updating very often. In a dance web site, you could have all your officers listed and the dance teachers and those would be basic. And it has been in the last century a rather prestigious acquisition. If you had a Web Site you had arrived.

"Tranquil pleasures last the longest; dancers are not fitted
to bear the burden of great joys."

In addition they usually have the info on the top brass easily available. Monthly and even yearly schedules, photo albums included, many of which are works of art, video albums, club history and other pertinent information of probable interest to their reader/members. They could also include pertinent information on many other Web and Blog sites.

"Oh Mother" by Christina Aguilera

Dance Web site members come to a site to look for specific information. That information does not need to be new. It just needs to be what the reader/dancer is looking for and many are usually subdivided into a number of complicated pages. These tools allow dance clubs to create beautiful sites with compelling content, but they don't allow neophytes or non-technical people to maintain content or add new content.

"My Mother" by the Chipettes

The top levels of the dance club covered by Web sites are the ones usually permitted to contribute information. Many have a tendency to look down on Bloggers and blogging. But even with these sophisticated tools, most Web sites are static creations and most dance organizations view their Web sites as digital brochures. It's very rare for a traditional Web site to be updated more frequently than once every two or three months. Much of their professional works mention copyrights, so you must be careful.

Who said that?
"I feel sorry for the people who don't drink. When they wake up
in the morning, that is as good as they are going feel all day."

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother's Day - Sunday

We hit a bump in the road. I was expecting three different notifications for Cinco De Mayo and none of them came through. Well, one has to take the downs with the ups. I cannot keep track of everyone even with three different email accounts. I was specially hoping to get something from Tacos And More in Waianae. That would have been a terrific write up, they are Mexicans. Patience, but in my old age I am running out of time. Happy Holidays anyways.

"The aesthetic quality is what dance politics is all about. It's the authenticity that separates the more successful from the losers."

However Blogging has come along ways from the 90s. Frank Sierra was one of the pioneers of Blogging in the Hawaiian Islands and he is still doing a terrific job with his two blogs. His photography is just about the very best photo album you can find, anywhere. He will get many hits just for that alone. This last time for the Aiea Anniversary Ball, I found myself superfluous in blogging for the Huge Events at the famous Palladium. Ki and Frank are doing one terrific job at the Palladium, everyone agrees. But I can certainly help a lot of other people elsewhere on this Island. I will seek and I will find.

"Hanalei Moon" by Loyal Garner

Got a nice poster from Kapolei and it livens up the blog.

The rise of Twitter and other "microblogging" systems such as Google Plus and Facebook helped single-author blogs into the social news media. The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users who did not have much experience with HTML or computer programming.  Blog also came to be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. And that is where we are at now, very very current.

"Morning Dew" by Loyal Garner

I have seven blogs, and Platinum Horseshoe is leading the rest in average hits per day. Most important at the moment is the need of more feedback to present other points of view to the reader/dancers on Oahu. Then perhaps one or two or three will want to be Guest Authors. After a reasonable time the Guest Authors may wish independence. I can resign in peace knowing my best blogs will go. The junk blogs will remain mine to the end.

The revised Golden Rule at the Trump White House

"Social Dancers eventually realize that mistakes are made
for learning, not repeating."

Friday, May 5, 2017

Oahu News

Beth Fukumoto, one smart lady. Now moving away from the Trump party to the Democratic party and she is definitely for the people and not the money. Democrats on all the islands should know how lucky they are if they are thinking Democratic principles. On Oahu, there are many in the Democratic circles that are crap and in it only for the money, same as Trump. Gotta get rid of those.

"Social Dancers don't ever doubt themselves or waste a second
of their life. It is too short and they are too special."

And yes, we all know that with the republicans, it's the bread, Fred - it's the cash, Nash. And some are even looking forward to the new "Great Trump Wall." I also heard that there may be a new Conservative Party on Oahu to replace the Trump liars - one for the people. This specially if the democrats get too chintzy about accepting new converted members.They have plenty of good people in the old party that would fit in very nicely in the new one. Trump liars will lose many more people throughout the US yet.

"Desafinado" by Lisa Ono (Bossa Nova)

Tango music, some of the most beautiful music in the world. We don't hear enough of it here on the Islands. It is getting more fans, mainly in the American and the Argentine styles. Filipino Tango not doing so bad on Oahu. And everyone should enjoy dancing to tango music in their own fashion. We are not running some kind of competition. Trump says there will be no Tango dancing around him. He may issue a new presidential order - he is a nut, but the best the Republicans got. Now we know what level the rest of them are. Crackpots!

"Girl From Ipanema" by Astrud Gilberto

There are over 600 documented steps and patterns in every dance used by the ballroom dancer. Each of the disciplines has less than fifty in their syllabi of Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions. And they range from the leadable to the fairly unleadable. And yet too many dancers go for the fancier steps to show that they can do it. But the social club dancers use many of the simpler moves that can be learned by the follower almost instantly. But that's Da Reel Teeng.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Lisa Ono

Hard to find a dance web or blog site with a counter so they have no idea of how many people read that web or blog site. Something cooking in Waipio but difficult to get the information. This is a blog, Perhaps somebody out there will consider helping out their fellow dancers. Perhaps we can eventually get enough hits and Guest Authors to make this blog an independent. I offer the platform and the readers can take it or leave it. The decision is all theirs.

"Social dancers embrace what some may see as hard work. But they love the discipline, enjoying moving to music and getting better all the time."

Monday, May 1, 2017



THANK YOU! We are so proud to say that April was one of the biggest months of the year so far! We couldn’t do our work without your support and unwavering dedication to electing more Democrats to Congress. We also want to make sure you saw Debbie’s recent op-ed on Trump’s first 100 days. Take a look below. Thanks,

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Empty promises and little action mark start of presidency. April 28, 2017

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed 15 bills to lift America from the Great Depression, all within his first 100 days of office in 1933, little did he know this would become the gold standard against which Americans have graded our commanders in chief ever since. At the time, FDR's efforts were vital, urgent and offered the country hope. By contrast, cruel legislative intentions, a deep erosion of trust, and few accomplishments have marked Donald Trump's first 100 days.

Trump's extremist, xenophobic tea party agenda and policies have left him deeply unpopular outside of his base, and here in South Florida, it's hard to find any groups he hasn't threatened, offended or attacked. Trump's malicious agenda has targeted seniors, women, religious, racial and ethnic minorities, the sick, the poor and working Americans. Based on his initial actions, and many of the people he's surrounded himself with, this has easily been the darkest first 100 Days in modern presidential history.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Yet like millions of Americans, I refuse to allow a reality TV star preoccupied by ratings, golf and social media taunts to inflict lasting damage on a country I love. In fact, it's been inspiring to see so many people respond to Trump's politics of fear and darkness with such a fierce patriotic resistance. It started the day after the inauguration, when millions of us joined the Women's March to say that we will not go back on all the progress we've made. Soon after, thousands more converged on airports to protest Trump's Muslim ban.

"Till I Waltz Again With You" by Theresa  Brewer

When he tried to erase Jews from the history of the Holocaust, people of all faiths reminded Trump that the Holocaust was the systematic and state-sponsored murder of six million Jews by the Nazis, who believed Jews were "racially inferior." When the president backed a House Republican plan that would cause 24 million more people to be left uninsured, Americans soundly rejected the vicious Trumpcare proposal.

Sadly, it didn't need to be this way. Trump campaigned on funding badly-needed infrastructure projects, and putting millions of people to work. Initially he even pledged to cover "everybody" with more affordable, better-quality insurance. Democrats have long sought similar goals. Seriously pursuing them would have undoubtedly united us and made America stronger. Yet just like his campaign promise to release his tax returns, these were hollow pledges. Instead he's pursued an agenda driven by fear and willful ignorance.

"Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) by the Crew Cuts

Entire immigrant communities now live in terror of reporting a crime or showing up to a hospital, because they risk deportation despite years of hard work in the United States. As a breast cancer survivor, I know all too well that Trump's latest plan to kill the Affordable Care Act means people with pre-existing conditions now must worry about losing health coverage or paying astronomical costs if the president gets his way.

The LGBT community's recent dramatic civil rights victories appear less secure. And efforts to bring police and African-American communities closer together and improve frayed relationships are under threat as well. Women — over half the population — face greater threats to securing health care and control over their own bodies. The grave threats don't end there. He ignores climate science, wants to cut medical research, and would hamstring communities' ability to pay for Meals on Wheels and after-school programs. Yet Trump wants U.S. taxpayers — not Mexico, as promised — to pay billions for a useless border wall.

"Young At Heart" by Frank Sinatra

His conflicts of interest are jaw dropping; and we have no idea how Trump's public actions may benefit his own fortunes. His lack of transparency adds to the disturbing ties his political team has to Russia, with the looming cloud of an investigation into collusion to influence our presidential campaign. Historians and pollsters already rate Trump's presidential coming-out as one of the worst ever. Evidence indicates they are right.

The consequences America faces from Trump's policies will be devastating for generations. We must use our collective voices and take action to fight back.

"The only people that will be mad at us for writing the truth
are those that are living a lie."