Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dance? Anyone?

Social Dancing by Patrick Young, Waianae:
Most of us are social dancers on this island of Oahu. In order to be effective sociable dancers we learn to connect with our partners. Good leaders and good follows know how to make all of their dance partners feel good and the secret to their craft is that rather than take the "Correct Way" approach to dancing they modify and adapt to the dancing styles of those that they dance with. Humility, kindness, respect and consideration for all others are the virtues of any consummate sociable dancer. And you both want to enjoy moving to the beautiful music.

"Social Dancers know that life is not measured by the breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away."

Social dancing is being able to have a joyful dance conversation with your partner on the dance floor, it is a dialogue, not a monologue, and most definitely it is not about self indulgence or one's ego. It is not about seeking perfection from others because we are not perfect. So social dancing is more about exclusivity and participation. Both men and women look forward to dancing with sociable dancers as they are fun to dance with. We can learn many things in a social dance club or a dance studio.

These are the true ambassadors of social dancing and if you ever stopped to notice, they are the most popular and sought after dancers. Thus the key to social dancing is quite simple, as long as people you dance with are doing it safely, enjoy what you can and forget about what is right or wrong. Most importantly unless you are complimenting your dance partner or have something good to say, keep the so called helpful tips and editorial comments to a minimum.

If you are one who cannot dance with someone unless they have a firm grasp of the dance and are precise and perfect then it would be wiser to bring your own exclusive dance partner to dance with. Don't bother the majority of the dancers at clubs that are there just to have fun for the evening and are not seriously interested in learning to become an exhibition dancer, in fact it is very rare to find a dancer that knows all of the popular club dance styles and there are classes to take if people are truly interested in learning how to dance a certain style.

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