Friday, May 5, 2017

Oahu News

Beth Fukumoto, one smart lady. Now moving away from the Trump party to the Democratic party and she is definitely for the people and not the money. Democrats on all the islands should know how lucky they are if they are thinking Democratic principles. On Oahu, there are many in the Democratic circles that are crap and in it only for the money, same as Trump. Gotta get rid of those.

"Social Dancers don't ever doubt themselves or waste a second
of their life. It is too short and they are too special."

And yes, we all know that with the republicans, it's the bread, Fred - it's the cash, Nash. And some are even looking forward to the new "Great Trump Wall." I also heard that there may be a new Conservative Party on Oahu to replace the Trump liars - one for the people. This specially if the democrats get too chintzy about accepting new converted members.They have plenty of good people in the old party that would fit in very nicely in the new one. Trump liars will lose many more people throughout the US yet.

"Desafinado" by Lisa Ono (Bossa Nova)

Tango music, some of the most beautiful music in the world. We don't hear enough of it here on the Islands. It is getting more fans, mainly in the American and the Argentine styles. Filipino Tango not doing so bad on Oahu. And everyone should enjoy dancing to tango music in their own fashion. We are not running some kind of competition. Trump says there will be no Tango dancing around him. He may issue a new presidential order - he is a nut, but the best the Republicans got. Now we know what level the rest of them are. Crackpots!

"Girl From Ipanema" by Astrud Gilberto

There are over 600 documented steps and patterns in every dance used by the ballroom dancer. Each of the disciplines has less than fifty in their syllabi of Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions. And they range from the leadable to the fairly unleadable. And yet too many dancers go for the fancier steps to show that they can do it. But the social club dancers use many of the simpler moves that can be learned by the follower almost instantly. But that's Da Reel Teeng.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Lisa Ono

Hard to find a dance web or blog site with a counter so they have no idea of how many people read that web or blog site. Something cooking in Waipio but difficult to get the information. This is a blog, Perhaps somebody out there will consider helping out their fellow dancers. Perhaps we can eventually get enough hits and Guest Authors to make this blog an independent. I offer the platform and the readers can take it or leave it. The decision is all theirs.

"Social dancers embrace what some may see as hard work. But they love the discipline, enjoying moving to music and getting better all the time."